Dick Perez: The original sketch king

It’s hard not to get jaded over the amount of lousy sketch cards found in Topps products over the past two years. For every masterful Brian Kong piece, odds are you will find one of these monstrosities. Not to mention that these “1 of 1” sketch cards have completely flooded the market.

Well, never fear because legendary sketch artists Dick Perez has rare artwork inserted into 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have seen Perez’ work in the classic Donruss Diamond King brand, not to mention 2008 Topps products.

The very first Dick Perez ’09 Allen & Ginter piece hit eBay recently and with 3 days left has already cracked $200 dollars. Did I forget to mention it’s of none other than Super Prospect bust, Alex Gordon? Can you imagine what a player like Pujols or Ichiro might fetch?

You can check out Wax Heaven’s 2008 interview with Mr. Perez HERE.

9 thoughts on “Dick Perez: The original sketch king

  1. I guess you won’t be wanting a personal Andrew Miller sketch card by me then?

    Also, what size SASE do you need?

  2. youre right, pujols or ichiro would fetch a bunch. I got to see ichiro at safeco today, man its always a joy watching him play. Crazy mechanics. The best thing about him hobby-wise id say is that he hardly even signs(or even speaks english) which adds to the mystique.

    and pujols is the best national leaguer of all time. nuff said.

  3. So you knock a guy who is having a surprising year with Jones but you defend a guy hitting .095 before his injury?

    I bet those who paid $300+ for his Bowman Chrome think he’s a bust considering he’s 25, has two full seasons in which he hit for a low average/HR’s and struck out a bunch.

    Not even George Brett could help this guy..

  4. Oh my shit, Mario — I still have an envelope for you, haha.

    Anyways, here’s the thing about Dick Perez that sometimes irks me. I’m not a fan of watercolour, or gouche.

    Here’s the thing about Dick Perez that rules: I emailed him about something trivial, like asking what colour he underpaints with, and he responded within the day.

    The man has a stellar talent, but sometimes he’ll get caught up in the details and make for a scary scary lookin’ player.

  5. i agree with kris. the guys is nice but has made some disasters. maybe future creations of his should only be 10-card inserts so he can take his time and get it right.

  6. The Pujols perez sketch went to some loser who doesn’t know what its worth. He is taking mets jersey cards for it. Check it out if you have mets jersey cards. He is on sportscardsfun.com. He is nere the top on the message board.

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