Upper Deck breaks commandment #1

Being one of the most-visited card blogs comes with a responsibility. It’s  my duty to provide fair and balanced reporting, no matter what company is sponsoring the site. The truth is that 95% of what the card blogging community and message boards report on will never make it into Beckett’s blog or magazine.

Recently, I began the Baseball Card Commandments. I felt there were just some things in The Hobby that should never, ever be done. Commandment #1 was a big one: don’t steal other’s cards and call them your own. In the past we have seen Donruss, Razor, and TriStar do this and get called out on it.

Up until last night I had never seen Upper Deck commit this act. Well, that’s all changed thanks to the monstrosity that is the card you see below. It’s a cut up, in-person autograph of former M.V.P, Ken Caminiti. Clearly, that is a 1988 Topps card but what makes matters worse is the Topps logo in plain sight.

The owner of this card is asking for $300 dollars due to it being numbered to just 5 copies. The problem is that even though there are only five versions from 2009 Legendary Cuts, there are hundreds of copies of Caminiti’s on-card certified autographs from 1996 Leaf Signature and 1997 Donruss Signature, not to mention thousands of in-person autographs Ken signed throughout his career.

So while I commend Upper Deck for providing collectors and opportunity to pick up an autograph of a deceased fan favorite, the fact that many of his in-person autographs can be had for under $20 dollars shows that he is far from “legendary” and not worth having a cut signature in a major product.


23 thoughts on “Upper Deck breaks commandment #1

  1. you mean “far from” legendary and “NOT” worth having a cut signature, right? maybe you’re being sarcastic?

  2. That’s a hideous card. Not only did they steal another company’s product, it’s on a “rare” high end insert?! How could that ever have been approved by UD??

  3. no prob.
    regardless, that’s a nasty lookin’ card. doesn’t show much respect to collectors, either.

  4. I know you guys hate these cards, but I just love them. I love the Frankenstein like nature of them. The fact that UD probably bought that card off ebay for a buck and now it could potentially be worth $300 is hysterical to me. really, right now go type in caminitti auto 88 tops and see how much it would cost.

  5. when will they learn cutting up cards is tacky, and cutting up someone elses is illegal??

    As a joke im thinking of cutting one of these cut cards and making my own card to show enoughs enough.

  6. After looking at some certified Caminiti Autos, that signature could possibly not be legit. But, it’s UD, so who knows?

  7. Hey Rminus if you are right and that graph is a forgery, I am guessing UD would somehow try to blame that on Topps. How surreal would that be?

  8. The people at Upper Deck must be singing that country song with the line: I knew what I was feelin’, but what was I thinkin’ . That’s just wrong.

  9. One more thing . . . you think they would cut up a UD card to put in there not a Topps card.

  10. He wants $300 cuz it’s 5/5, which actually makes it a 1/1, lol.. I get a real kick outta what some people claim when they’re selling a #’ed card.. The card could be #’ed to 100, but there could miraculously be quite a few 1/1 out of the 100, haha.. 1/100 is a 1/1 – 100/100 is a 1/1 – the guy’s uniform # is a 1/1 – his birth year is a 1/1 – his lucky # is 1/1 – etc, etc. etc…

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