Topps has saved my collection!

It’s been a quiet few months for my Andrew Miller collection. With Andrew being in his third season and continuing to struggle, it’s been frustrating as a true fan. What made matters worse is that for every five products released since late 2008, I was lucky if he was included in one.

It’s been months since I turned on my scanner and even longer since I went through my collection. With no new cards in sight, my only option was buying expensive parallels and low-numbered autographs and sadly, that is not an option right now.

There is a behind the scenes trade of a lifetime being worked on but it’s a long process. Seeing this insignificant (to many) base card of Andrew in 2009 Allen & Ginter has renewed my interest in my collection. It’s nothing special and features no game-used relic or autograph but once again Topps has done an amazing job.

You can see my 2008 Allen & Ginter Andrew Miller collection HERE. It features the base card, silk card, mini, black bordered mini, and even an in-person autograph. Thanks very much to Topps for creating the perfect Andrew Miller card (again) and Wax Heaven reader, Kris, for providing an awesome scan.

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