2009 Allen & Ginter now live!

The good ol’ boys of Beckett Media already busted their boxes of Allen & Ginter but for us regular collectors, we finally have a chance to own some of the most-wanted cards of 2009 thanks to eBay.

Ironically enough, the first autograph from A & G to hit eBay is that of former Marlins, current Nationals pitcher, Scott Olsen. Although I love the idea of Marlins-related “hits”, I have to say these look an awful lot like last year’s effort.

It’s good to see Allen & Ginter start hitting eBay before its release, on July 4th no less. It, along with Topps Company is as American as apple pie and easily one of the most popular products of the last few years.

Click here to see more 2009 Allen & Ginter!

16 thoughts on “2009 Allen & Ginter now live!

  1. What what WHAAAAT?

    It’s not supposed to come out till next week! Noooo they can’t DO this to me! I’m gonna be on eBay all night now.

  2. Hmmm… looks like Alchemist407 is the one seller with any A&G cards in hand up for bid. The rest is all pre-sells. Well, he got two boxes from somewhere, so more is to come.

  3. Yeah, you can’t presell a printing plate. 4 jerseys, one auto and one printing plate means the guy busted two boxes. I haven’t seen any more and I’m too tired to keep hitting refresh. Tomorrow is another day though!

  4. over-rated clap clap clapclapclap over-rated clap clap clapclapclap.

    Allen & Ginter is the PERFECT example of the industry beating a horse to death and then beating it again.

    If they are going to release this brand until it’s projected profit margins dip below some arbitrary line on a cost analysis graph, why not carry over the numbering of the base set so instead of another 300 card set, this year’s would be 601-900. This way as new entrants come into the market, it would spark interest in previous releases and add value to existing singles on the secondary market.

  5. Absolutely not overrated. The most wonderful product that any card company releases in any year. Collectors LOVE it. Why on earth would you stop producing something that collectors love?

    Give me some more dead horse. Love that dead horse.

  6. Allen and Ginter was the reason I got back into the hobby, at least until I saw the price of Baseball Cards these days.

    I like the new design, but I’m not sure what exactly is the point of opening 1 or 2 boxes? I suppose if I went buck wild and bought a case, maybe I’d nab a master set, but other than that it’s not like I’ll be pulling something that just blows my face off.

    Would you spend 129 CDN to purchase a box of this?

  7. I lost track of how many boxes I have opened in years past it has to be less than 3 all together (a box or two at a time) and I have pulled 2 bruce lee relics (one I sold for 400$) a /10 rip card which sold for 700$ and tons of sp’s bazooka backs, silk, plates, etc and have made a killing on this stuff. I cant wait to see what surprises are in store.

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