Beware of eBay vultures!

With the sudden and very shocking death of music legend, Michel Jackson, it’s no surprise to see “fans” unloading anything and everything they can get a hold of on eBay. Currently, there are 20 different auctions with an asking price of $10,000 dollars or more.

Perhaps the most ridiculous comes from eBay member “pelazg” who is attempting to sell the domain name, ‘’. Not only is that long, ridiculous domain name completely worthless, he somehow thinks he can get half a million dollars for it.

Another Jackson fan is trying to unload an old, beat-up gold record of Jackson’s which is not even signed. The asking price? Oh, only $150,000 dollars. One eBay member with a zero feedback rating wants $100,000 for a signed and framed photo which has “been in his collection” for ten years. Great time to unload.

Realistically, if you’d like a Michael Jackson autograph you are likely going to have to shell out between $2,000-$5,000 thousand dollars, depending on the item. A ‘Bad’ album signed by the late ‘King of Pop’ sold for just under $2,000 dollars recently. There are quite a few signed guitars going for much more.

Michael Jackson has no relics or autographs in any trading card set.


18 thoughts on “Beware of eBay vultures!

  1. While I do not believe in profiting off anyone’s death, in todays economy nothing suprises me. As for me I will keep my LP’s that have been in my closet for years and let my kids listen to them when they grow up. He may have had some “issues” but he was an amazing performer.

  2. Vultures? Freaken ridiculous boneheads who don’t know the meaning of respect and all they see is dollar signs at every avenue. I don’t like Michael but I respect him for his musical talents which were very good. It’s truly a sad day as we lost 3 legends- Ed, Farrah, and now Michael.

  3. It is human nature for fans of recently deceased celebs to grab up what they can of memorabilia of that celeb. The day Elvis Presley died his album sales shot up. For A-list celebs this happens and it can’t be stopped. Many people try to take advantage of this by putting something of the celeb’s memorabilia or published works. The ghouls and weasels will charge ridiculous super over-the-top prices and unfortunately many of them will sell it. If a fan wants an item of their idol badly enough they will find a way to buy it or get it somehow.

    Ebay has a policy about trying to make a profit off of a recently deceased celeb. If it is seen as something that is trying to make money off the celeb’s barely cold corpse they end the sale. I’m sure in the next few days they will be deleting many of these ghoulish auctions. But like with everything Ebay they can’t find all of them so yes the buyer has to beware. IN the meantime anybody who sees one of these auctions and thinks it is an auction trying to take advantage of a heartbroken fan, they can report the auction to Ebay by using the “report this item” link at (or near) the bottom of the offending auction’s page.

  4. Shortly after hearing about his death, I checked out the ‘bay, and there was VERY little stuff up for sale – I knew it was only a matter of time tho.. For Michael Jackson card auto, all I was getting was the football player..

    Something I think is crazy tho, is there’s a bunch of signed index or note cards with his signature, and they’re going for pretty big money.. — $61.99 — $76.00 — $155.18 !!!

    I guarantee these all close for at LEAST $200, god knows how much more!! And they’re just plain index cards with his supposed signature, no certification or nothing!! All the fake-patch hustlers out there, jeez all they gotta do for this is print out a real signature, and basically trace it onto the card, and they’re looking at a guaranteed couple hun.. I’m not saying that these are all definitely fake, but of course they’re all 24 hour auctions to make sure they cash in on the hype ASAP.

  5. This is so sad. I’m 13, this guy is decades before my generation. Still I find myself shocked and almost a hint of sadness. As I was browsing through my Ipod Nano, I came across “Michael Jackson”. I thought to myself,”I bought this song 2 years ago with no idea how he would die.” This is truly sad, an icon, legend of music, and legend of people has now died.

    Let alone he pretty much invented dancing, he took it to a new level. I laughed so hard in amazement when I saw him do that moon-walk a couple months ago!

    ^^ Ricky,
    You’re absolutely right, there is some vultures trying to get rich off of this man’s poor death. Sad…

    You know my dad did mention a good point, he had a rough life, never let alone, and used by everyone. Maybe now… he can rest in peace.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

  6. Eric, I’m glad someone your age will be listening to more of his music. Take this from an old man (I’m 30). Guys like Mario and I had the opportunity to see him in his prime and it was truly amazing. My older sister and my mom got to see the Jackson 5 in a handful of concerts and that’s something I’m envious of, even more so today. If you want to see Mike’s dancing inspiration take a look at the moves of Jackie Wilson and James Brown. I’m sure you will be amazed and will hopefully gain a further appreciation of some classic soul and funk.

    I choose to remember Mike from 1983 and getting to see THE Moonwalk on the Motown Anniversary special. Every kid in the world tried, and some continue to attempt that move. In any case, a part of my childhood is gone but I can always listen to the music whenever I want and reminisce. RIP Mike.

  7. So, a guy can sell his junk at someone’s death and make a bunch of money, or they can hold onto it and watch it depreciate.

    A person can either sit and cry over a person’s death they never knew, or they could sell some things and make money. The rational person would choose the latter.

    For 90% of the collectors, it boils down to money. Would a person spend $2,500 on a 1960 Topps set if they knew it would be worth $500 tomorrow? I don’t blame anyone for making money. It’s called supply and demand.

  8. The same thing happened with Nick Adenhart’s unfortunate death…and the same basic arguments to “defend” selling his cards were made then… It’s a shame that people are so money hungry to exploit tragedies…but, in many ways, it’s even sadder that so many people are bidding on these items just because someone passed away. I don’t know who that speaks more ill of, the sellers or the bidders.

  9. I think it’s an ethical thing and must be taken on a case by case basis. It also depends on the person who is selling.

    As I noted on my blog (I’m the guy with the box of Topps Michael Jackson cards to which Mario referred) I, too, threw my item on eBay but quickly yanked it down. It didn’t feel right.

    Having said that, I don’t blame people for doing what they’re doing. I intend to sell my box, but I’ll wait three days (this seems like appropriate time). I never intended for the box to sit in my personal collection anyway. I liked Mike but was not a die-hard fan, ya dig?

  10. What is the big deal. If the person is dead and you have something of value and you know that someone somewhere is going to shell out money you would be a fool not to sell. When did morals come into a hobby that exploits cutting up uniforms of some of the greatest players in the game, to that extent then everyone should be mad or angered at Upper Deck, Topps, and the rest. If a person is dead, more power to the individual that can make 2500.00 on something, because truthfull when that person was living you can bet you ass that they would give you squat. And if you really think that exploiting the dead is bad remember when you pay 75.00 to 1000.00 on tickets to see that person preform.

  11. There is nothing wrong with selling items you might feel others will appreciate more. My wife just bought two MJ DVDs (Moonwalker, Making of Thriller).

    What’s screwed up is creating ridiculous domain names to make profit from someone’s death.

  12. Do I see a Michael Jackson relic and/or signature in this year A & G?
    you betcha!! bank on it!

  13. About 3 weeks ago, I had a really funny dream. I won a contest. My prize was a Michael Jackson autographed hairbrush and it was serial numbered #2/6! LOL…Weird, huh?

  14. I completely agree with Mario A. on this one! What is the deal with this domain stuff? Yeah, okay, lemme go print up a wordpress domain with the title “Barack rocks.” Then lemme go put it on Ebay for $500,000.00 large. And let’s see how many bidders go for it, oh wait! Lemme guess… 0 bids. Who wants to buy a domain name??? Anyone can create a neat domain name!

    Mike, Thank you for the kind words. I feel his music will grow on me as I get older, seeing as I have already heard quite a bit of his music. I saw the Jackson five yesterday, when my family and I were watching his life story+his legacy. I got to see him sing+dance and I heard he was signed by a famous singer who’s name slips me. In all that I have watched him, he seemed like he could be a nice guy if he was just left alone every now and then. They’re already trying to pin crimes and drugs on him… but in everything, they should just leave him be.

    Funny you say kids trying to do the moon-walk. I though I could actually do the moon-walk before I saw him. I laughed at the fact that I actually though I could do it! I’m still trying actually, I just can’t do it 🙂

    It is pretty weird to see him gone. It will never be the same listening to his music, watching his vids, attempting to pull of his famous dances, or just watching him dance.

  15. I don’t see anything wrong with selling music memorabilia of an individual that just passed. Particularly anything with his autograph. How long does someone have to wait for it to be morally right? As for his 1984 wax boxes, sell them, people want them, put them up at auction. Why hold onto something you bought as an investment? Should an owner sit on product when there is a demand for it?

    I’d love an autograph of Michael Jackson, I simply can’t afford it now. So I’ll have to wait until a seller out there can find it within himself to sell one to me for $50 so he can feel good about himself. However, I would be willing to shell out $180 for one.

  16. I can tell you that 2,000-$5,000 thousand dollars fro Michael Jackson’s autogrpah is a joke and VERY FEW people will ever pay that. If anything it’s a knee jerk reaction from an obsessed fan with money to burn! Considering you can get genuine signatures for all five memeber of the Beatles for less than $8,000 thousand dollars, that is a WILDLY overpriced figure and it should be ignored.

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