EXCLUSIVE: New images of Triple Threads

There was a very mixed reaction to yesterday’s preview of 2009 Topps Triple Threads. As a result, I have asked Topps for more images so collectors can make a more educated decision on the product.

Below is a gallery of several different 2009 Topps Triple Threads cards you won’t find anywhere else. Remember, each image is a thumbnail that leads to a full-size mock up.

Enjoy the gallery, there is one more on the way!

11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: New images of Triple Threads

  1. Now we know for sure how fucking awful this product really is.

    These cards are uglier than the ones on the previous preview. Holy god, that Silver Slugger (?) card is so bad, same with the Ortiz. Who actually sits around a computer and thinks these are cool looking.

    Excuse me, I need to mace myself in the eyes to clean my pupils of this shit.

  2. These previews are a lot better than the first. It’s a cleaner design on a few. The problem always is what you get though. Mid rate rookies with shiny big stickers for that much money is tough to swallow.

  3. I am just not a big fan of spelling things out, especially longer words with windows leading to the jersey. Those look terrible. The Ichiro isn’t bad looking, but would be even better without the AL.

    As far as the patches that are cut into three section in the other post, this is when redemption cards should be used. Keep the patch intact and make a larger card that you get for the redemption.

  4. The presidents are pretty nice, though I wonder where that wood is from. A desk? They don’t look like foilboard finish either, which is a plus.

    My biggest problem is the color schemes. They don’t usually make sense. That, and I much rather have a big-ass patch/swatch instead of a bunch of windows that end up obscuring the jersey as much as displaying it.

  5. Ithink these look decent. i don’t understand the backlash this set has generated.

    The backlash stems from the fact that Topps is more concerned with stuffing 8 relics onto a card than putting out a good design. I dont understand how people think these look better than the others, especially with the wierdly spelled out words, and the odd shields that surround the relics. Oh wait, lets put a little ribbon with the players name on it, that will complete the whole medieval homage. No, who cares that these will be part of a product that costs more than 150 dollars, design is the last thing they want. They want autos and they want “relics.” Even if they are huge ugly foil stickers and not “game” used.

  6. Some of these cards are awkward looking but some of them look very cool and would be nice to have. I rather buy the card I want rather than bust boxes, though. There are too many duds in TT.

  7. I like the card design of the yankee allstar relics, but the rest are terrible the card shouldn’t distract from the relic, it should be a backround and not brighter louder than the small relic.

    The 3 fold shoulder patches are awesome.

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