EXCLUSIVE: More ’09 Triple Threads

Here is one more exclusive gallery of 2009 Topps Triple Threads. Again, you won’t find these images anywhere else except at Waxheaven.com.

There is one more non-Triple Threads exclusive on the way soon. Stay tuned!

(images lead to full-size scans)



  1. That is so horrible.

    Obviously, there are people that like them. But I find all of them an assault on the senses.

  2. Owlatnight,

    I didn’t think much of them until I started getting my hands on the Andrew Millers from 2007. They are great for player collectors.

  3. It’s too bad that they force the “triple” idea on these cards. That Ruth would look a lot snazzier if, instead of three windows, it was one long piece of bat.

    Same with those all-star patches. Wouldn’t it be nicer to just have a redemption for a special over-sized card that left the patch intact?

  4. I think the product is cool… dispite my mini rant yesterday… I think it’s all interesting…. but for the price I still feel like thier should be a star auto in every package that’s all…… I like this product…. I like these cards….. but as someone said allot of these are hard case hits…… it makes me want to buy a box but I’m scared I’m gonna get a Phil Coke auto or something…

  5. I don’t hate it either, if you combine biagio and bigpelfs comments I think that’s the crux of the problem with TTT. Some hate it, but that’s with everything. I hate some popular stuff too. That’s more a design taste thing, and no price point can change that. The big problem is the price to what you get. I don’t even care about ebay value or any of that. What I can’t stand is getting an Igor Kolshansky auto and Hideo Nomo game used as hits when you spend that much. I can get that from regular topps flagship. With that said, there are some cool cards in there. I’d like it more if ultra pro figured out a way to protect fold outs better.

  6. ha Kolshansky is a football player. Substitute that with Ross Detweiler, both equally crappy for my collection

  7. That Lincecum patch is a beauty. The A-Rod, a monstrosity. I am kind of tempted to try a box, though.

  8. I mean the 36-piece A-Rod mess is a monstrosity. The All-Star Game patch is nice, but it doesn’t explicitly say it was worn by A-Rod in the All-Star warmup. Something funny about that…

  9. These ruin player collections. Way too much to keep track of and way to expensive once you start dealing with all the white whales and stuff. I rarely do, but I agree with Gellman, Triple Threads needs to die.

  10. I hope they can do something else with those All-Star patches…Like it was said earlier maybe a redemption for an oversized card with the whole patch or something along those lines. It’s a shame to have the whole patch but have it cut up in three separate pieces.

  11. That’s a pretty stacked 6-man autograph, lower right – any idea how much that goes for? Probably tough to say, seeing as it’s only /3

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