Do you hate just to hate?

Once upon a time during my 10-year hiatus from collecting I took up Transformers. I began collecting the 80’s toys, along with the DVDs that had been recently released. Considering no one I knew collected Transformers, I began looking on line for a forum where I could discuss my hobby with others.

It took a few weeks but eventually I chose to join a Transformers message board with thousands of members. It was without a doubt the worst on line experience I’ve ever had. I joined a community that did nothing all day long but bitch and moan. From the toys, tv show, and even upcoming movie… it was 99.9% negativity.

I feel the same way about some collectors right now. All I see from 4-5 on line communities is absolute hatred for the companies, products, you name it and someone hates it. I feel like some are forgetting that this is a hobby meant to be enjoyed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to point out a negative but then I also go out of my way to find the positive. I may bash Donruss for too many stickers but I also gave them praise for their celebrity-themed releases.

I gave Upper Deck hell for recycled “X” designs in their baseball lines but then fell in love with this year’s Spectrum of Stars autograph inserts, which I have now blogged about three times.

Topps without a doubt took the biggest hit in 2009 with my commentary on Letterman football but then I ended falling hard for their retro-themed releases like Murad and Mayo.

Am I the only one who thinks there is just way too much negativity right now?

36 thoughts on “Do you hate just to hate?

  1. Mario,

    Star Wars fans are 1,000 times worse. I do agree some collectors are acting like a bunch of lonely fanboys living in their basement the way they are dwelling over some of this stuff.

    I busted a case of Triple Threads last year. I didn’t come close to making a profit but I pulled some great cards. This year I don’t have the money for a case but I might try to get one box.

    Now, stay away from those TF boards. I am a member of The All Spark and some of those guys are just sad and embarrassing. Which forum were you a member of?? I have a feeling it starts with a B and ends with a K.

  2. Well put Mario. The are pros and cons to EVERYTHING. Some people I have found are most comfortable when they are complaining. And no, I definetly don’t hate, just to hate. Why wast the energy?

  3. I left a certain card board because I got sick of prospectors treating anyone who wasn’t a prospector like they were idiots. I also got sick of super player collectors showing off their 500th moments and milestones parallel. While I got sick of all of this stuff I don’t think I ever hated any of it. Or maybe I left before I built up the hate. Who knows. At the end of the day I’m going to pick up the stuff I like, whether it’s a single or two from ebay or that once and while lottery ticket known as a box of cards. Remember folks, this is a hobby. It’s supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun for you anymore than it’s not a hobby and you need to run far away and run fast before you just hate everything about it.

  4. I’ll put it another way – there are way too many negative things going on in the hobby right now, and people are blogging about those things. I don’t think that anyone has an overwhelming desire to be negative all the time, but they’re reacting to what they see going on in the hobby.

  5. I agree, too many haters. I also agree with Dave on this one, it is not so much negative people.

    Haha, Charlie. Good one!

  6. I doesn’t just stop with the hobby. Being a hockey fan, I used to go to message boards to see what people were saying about other teams. Everytime I went to sites, I’d be more depressed or angry at the end going through all the hatred. There’s just no respect out there anymore for anything. Someone decides to post their opinion or a valid point and then they are chewed up and eaten alive.

  7. I agree with ya wholeheartedly, hence my “priceless pursuit” site – I collect because I enjoy it and I enjoy what I collect. I just bought a pack of 08 Sweet Spot. Will there be a return on it valuewise? Probably not. But it’s pretty freakin’ amazing how far cards have come in the last 15 years, don’t ya think? This is a HOBBY that’s supposed to be FUN! It’s one thing to “expose” a company for blatantly ripping off consumers, but for the most part they’re all just pieces of cardboard with different photoshop/Illustrator/ In Design jobs on them. Same players, same stats.

    If you don’t like a product, send the loudest message by not buying it!

  8. Since I know this is directed at me, or at least a collective us, Ill just echo what Dave said.

    Dave, can I just hire you to do all my PR? You always put it so articulately.

    I’ll put it another way – there are way too many negative things going on in the hobby right now, and people are blogging about those things. I don’t think that anyone has an overwhelming desire to be negative all the time, but they’re reacting to what they see going on in the hobby.

  9. Dang, I was going to do the “I hate people who force me to face my negative habits introspectively” but TSW sort of beat me to it.

    Who cares, I just bought MONKEYCARDS! Wooooooooooooooooo

  10. I think it’s part of the price we pay for having the internet. When everyone has a voice some are going to use it to spew negativity. It happens in all mediums, Rush Limbaugh is a wealthy man because of negativity. Look in the local newspaper (if your town still has one), how many positive letters to the editor do you find? As a reader we have the choice to read it or ignore it.

  11. I think every hobby has haters/complainers/bitchers/moaners. I bet there are guys right now having fits over some D&D module that just came out. Or those guys frantically searching Wal-mart for special toy variations and complaining that it all goes out the backdoor… Or the stamp guys freaking out over Iran stamps taking a hit from the election mess over there.

  12. I’m fortunate enough to be going to Cooperstown this weekend for the Hall of Fame Classic. It’s too bad that the major sports websites have spent little to no time covering the event, but have dedicated a lot of coverage to Sosa (whom most knew was dirty for years). Bob Feller – 90 year-old BOB FELLER – is going to play in a baseball game again. That should be news. And the card companies should acknoledge the event with some kind of subset or insert.

  13. I’m somewhere between you and Dave above. I grow tired of reading people whine all the time about how much the new products suck, but at the same point, the new products do sorta suck. We certainly are not at the pinnacle like we were in the mid to late 90s (in my humble opinion). On the flip side, there are good products coming out.

    So I guess in summary, I don’t mind people who complain, as long as its a legitimate complaint.

  14. Negativity is easy. That’s why so many people practice it in anonymous snarky comments and message boards, too. Try not letting a negative word out of your mouth or a negative thought in your head for a week. Come to the liiight!

  15. I’ve been saying this here for a long time. It seems that nobody in the hobby enjoys it at all.

    It seems that most people hate the companies, cards, etc but love the people. I love the companies, the cards, etc and hate the people for the most part.

  16. Here’s yet another way to look at it – people who are vocal about the negative things about the hobby are doing their part to bring about POSITIVE change, while people who ignore the problems and focus only on things that they like about the hobby are having a NEGATIVE effect by promoting the status quo.

  17. I like your first point better.

    I don’t know any bloggers who ignore any issue when one arises. That’s the whole purpose of blogging, to express yourself.

    I think some people (not one person) think saying “it sucks” in every forum is just wasting their time.

    Gellman at least tells you why he does not like a product, others just bitch and moan non-stop.

  18. You should check out the world of warcraft community, just wonderful I tell you (lol).

  19. Sitting in front of a computer all day, that should let you know why they bitch and moan all day, no girlfriends, no ambition, no life.

  20. I like the way Dave frames it in his first comment. Although reading most message boards on anything makes you want to kill yourself just a little if you are a well adjusted human being. I read this blog by far more than any because it’s not just to get your opinion to people in rants. Those tend to be uselessly negative or boring. For me, two years ago I liked a lot more than I do now. I used to be a lot happier with the releases, while this year not much excites me yet. I agree on Gellman too, he’s not just there as an anonymous hater, when he explains why he hates you may not agree, but you can see what he is saying. Even though he’d buy a turd stamped by Upper Deck. (Just jokes Gellman.)

  21. Dude, I just bought and Adrian Peterson toilet used turd 1/1 yesterday! Its like you are reading my mind! LOL.

    My favorite is when people tell me I hate collecting because I rant about it all the time. This is all despite the fact that I have spent so much time on my site, updating mulitple times a day, spending thousands on something I hate and dont enjoy, right?

    Cmon, its like your parents – they tell you everything that is wrong with your life so you dont head in the wrong direction. Its not that they dont love you, its that they get angry when you fuck up. Think of me as the abusive alcoholic dad of the hobby.

  22. I don’t know that it’s just this hobby or hobby message boards. I don’t really visit Freedom Cardboard or Beckett boards at all. I’ve only heard from other people what goes on there.

    I will say that I think this is a problem for the internet in general. Have you tried to have a real discussion about anything on ESPN threads? It is one of the most vile hateful things I’ve seen and I won’t go there anymore because I was turning into them. Same with IMDB to a lesser extent. Try to have a reasonable conversation about anything there. I think this negativity and bitching and moaning is more of an internet wide phenominon than anything unique to cardboard hobby boards.

    And, I don’t think that there’s a damn thing anyone can do about it.

  23. Damn those monsters at FCB sending free cards to other members of the player they collect. They should be ashamed of themselves for having contests and giving away prizes like cards and eBay gift certificates.

    Don’t even get me started about how they gang up and try to do something nice when a member is sick or has some sort of personal tragedy! Those bastards!

    Oh, I almost forgot. It really burns my ass when someone is having a Customer service issue with one of the mfgs or eBay or PayPal, and people have the audacity to offer help and suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t you all go back and read a few posts at Cardboard Junkie, Stale Gum, Fielder’s Choice, I am Joe Collector, Voice of the Collector, and OMG……….Wax Heaven!

    Gellman, Mario, Dave, Chris, dayf, myself, and MANY other have been bitching about one thing or another about this hobby for quite a while now. Funny thing is……we all still enjoy it. Check out one of our collections sometime. Gellman and I haven’t stopped buying cards for our personal collections just because we don’t like some of the newer products that have come out. Mario’s collection pretty much includes at least 1 of every ridiculous gimmick that the mfgs have come up with.

    Here’s a better idea. Get over yourselves. It’s a fucking hobby.

  24. Charlie – I wasn’t trying to single out FCB as bad. I hope it didn’t really come across that way, although I see how it might have. I have never been to FCB, as I said in my post. It is just the message board that popped into my head because a lot of people talk about it, and when they do it is a lot about some of the dumb people that post there (as they do EVERYWHERE.).

    I was just trying to make a point that ALL internet message boards are full of people who want to bitch about something or other, and they are inevitably the most vocal.

    I guess I should have left FCB out of it and tried to make my point without singling anyone or any site out, especially when I have absolutely no real information about it. I apologize.

  25. i think the negativity is spot on for the most part. the beckett scam is not cool, as are pack searching and 1 pack per box casino-like products.

    but the rest is good, and there is a lot of good out there, which is why were still here 🙂

  26. Charlie, to be fair just about every forum does giveaways and Card Informant also did something nice when that member suffered a tragedy.

  27. There are lots of issues about the hobby that are frustrating, but it is a hobby and it should be fun. If it pisses you off so bad…. get out of it. Fine another hobby or area of interest that gives you more happiness. Life is too short.
    I think some people get in a rut and being negative becomes very easy.

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