Say it ain’t Sosa!

Baseball is a funny sport. For the longest time it turned a blind eye to hundreds of players risking their reputation and their lives just to sell more tickets, merchandise and even baseball cards. I am almost certain that almost every great slugger of the 90’s has at one point cheated. It’s likely we will never fully know the truth, just what someone decides to leak.

Sammy Sosa came out of nowhere last week and announced he was ready for the Hall of Fame. Many laughed and poked fun despite the fact that Sosa hit over 600 career home runs. I found it somewhat odd that Sammy, who had all but vanished would make such a dumb statement given the fact he not only was caught with a corked bat but also forgot how to speak English in front of the Senate.

I find it even more strange that information has been leaked about Sammy failing a drug test in 2003. Do I believe it? ABSOLUTELY. Is it relevant anymore, considering Sosa has been out of the game for two years? Hardly. You don’t need a report to know Sammy was one of the dirtiest in the game. How does one go from playing 153 games in 1990 and hitting just 15 home runs, to three different seasons with 60 or more?

Just like baseball tried to shut Jose Canseco up twice, I believe it is making Arod and Sosa their scapegoat. Something in my heart tells me there are some pretty huge names on that list that Bud Selig doesn’t want released. What better way to avoid scrutiny than to expose two Hispanic ball players who are not well-liked by the media?

Despite now being one of the “Cheaters”, Sammy still has a huge following among collectors. Just recently someone paid close to $200 for this game-used relic, while this ugly manufactured patch cracked three digits. The fans have already made up their minds. Steroids or not, these guys put their life on the line to bring entertainment and joy to us fans. I finally realize  it was not the players who were the villains.

Bud Selig, you are a disgrace to the game of baseball.



  1. not only would i NOT pay that much for those Sosa cards,i would actually pay the people who sold them to keep them and never ever ever release them to the open again

  2. My only complaint about this whole steroids mess is that while we once embraced guys like Sosa, McGwire, Canseco and others as heroes, we’re now so quick to vilify them. We got what we wanted, so who’s fault is it really?

    I’m not so sure about your hispanic player conspiracy, but it’s definitely something to think about. How did McGwire get away so cleanly? Though to poke a hole in your theory, what about Clemens? We’re dragging his name through the mud… Just a thought.

    Upper Deck (or Topps, or SOMEONE) should purchase the list from ’03 and make each of the 104 guys part of an insert set… a steroid era legacy!! Now THAT is something I would chase!

  3. My question is out of all the names to leak…. why SOSA? Who gives a crap, he is history. I would bet my house that there are some more active players on that list.

    Look at the last three guys who have been exposed.

    Rodriguez, Ramirez, & Sosa.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Bud Selig needs to be taken down as commissioner. He’s a despicable human being who’s turned a blind eye to this sport for the past 15 years or so. Horrible.

  5. MLB or the MLBPA should just release the full list – we all know it was the steroid era and HOF consideration should be given to some of the players with the consideration we have a clearly defined era in baseball’s history.

  6. You gotta induct one of them in the Hall. Steroids was legal at the time before the rules were in place. Another thing how many was wowed by the HR chase and consecutive game chase? I’m one of them. You know what? Whether its steroids produced or not it was one of the great moments as a fan.

    As for Selig he let this happen to get the gate revenues and publicity for baseball after the disaster strike. He knew this was happening til the steroids issue surface. He threw the players during that time under the bus while he tried to act innocent.

    If none of them gets voted in the Hall then MLB Hall of Fame is big giant joke since there were others cheaters in it as well. Ty Cobb anyone?

    I will still be proudly show and hold my McGwire and Sosa cards.

  7. I knew it, but it still hurts. I pick and choose the players I follow, but Sosa was one of them. Crushing still.

    I used to love baseball, I used to watch every game, but the business has got in the way. As someone that chose between playing and real life, as awkward as I seem I can/could play, I found it impossible to navigate the crappy business the game had become. 15 and a .215 hitter from outside the US and you are in, 20 and a .295 hitter from inside and you are out because your “potential” is less. A contact hitter with Warning Track Power just didn’t get it done. Sometimes makes me wish I had just shoved a needle in but I took the high road. Can’t complain too much because I do ok, but its clear that 1990-2008 are the lost years.

  8. Slightly off topic, but since when was Ty Cobb a cheater? He may have been an ass, a racist, a bigot, a jerk, a curmudgeon, a dirty player etc., but I haven\’t really heard cheater on that list before. Just curious.

  9. Just FYI. Steroids were not legal either. They just were not banned from baseball yet. Of course if you go to the Dominican, you can still just buy them over the counter like Tylenol.

  10. The names are being leaked one at a time for now, it is more dramatic that way. Look for a few more timed around the all star game, playoffs, world series, etc. Ortiz may be next, but I dread the day when another hispanic, one named Albert, is added to the list.

  11. I don’t understand how you could put this on Selig. Yeah he is a bastard, but Sosa did this to himself. In front of Senate me speak a no englash. Please. White, Black, Hispanic, Japan born, if you do roids it will haunt you. The hall has already made up it’s mind on records of the 90’s, no hall. It’s a shame to think that the 90’s were made up of some great names, names that will never see the hall while I’m alive.

  12. I still am not convinced that this is a conspiracy against Hispanics. Giambi, Clemens, Pettitte, and Brian Roberts have all been linked to PED usage, too. Sure, the most recent have been hispanics, but it’s not like they’re a minority in MLB, ya know??

    Anyway, I just don’t think race should be dragged into this, though perhaps if I was of hispanic origin I’d think differently. I’ll never know, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is see the world through other peoples’ eyes, ya know?

    Either way, the sad reality that many are unable to come to grips with is that baseball has always been, is now, and always will be an entertainment industry. Have McGwire, Sosa and the rest of the “cheaters” entertained us for years? Yep!

  13. I think that the hispanic players have been under the microscope with roids more than white players but the common link with every player is Canseco. If you read Juiced, he tells you that spanish is like a code. But with non hispanic players, there still is a link with Canseco.

  14. Sucks but at least he was a good cheater. Dude hit more home runs in a month than recentyly suspended Pablo Ozuna has hit in his career.


  15. It’s hard to throw a objective opinion being Dominican and living here in the DR. But I’ll give it a try:
    If you read any local newspaper since the Arod case the word is out about a Dominican conspiracy which is even more paranoid than a Hispanic one. But at the end of the day we’re all concern about the steroid use and abuse when some “buscon” (street scout) puts the eye on your 14year old kid playing for fun and tell his parents he’ll be the next $o$a. You know what’s next.
    Thanks to MLB baseball academies from 28 teams based here, prospects now get free education but the Sosa, Bell and many others were not that lucky.
    You can even write a thesis about this stuff and will never get to see the tip of the iceberg.
    Sad day as a Dominican but Sammy has to pay for what he did.
    He left town a long time ago and has always been an as***** not helping the community and just doing public relations.

  16. Bud should share some of the blame, sure, but we’re all at least a little guilty. Everyone turned a blind eye to the obvious problem, fans, sportswriters, owners, scouts, managers… Of course, some of those people had more authority to do something about it than others, but fans kept buying tickets, writers kept lionizing these guys, teams kept paying them. This was all just too good to be true and there was never any signifigant movement (at the time) to question it. Bud might have had more power to do that than anyone else (although I’m sure the owners did everything they could to stop it), and to say that he failed is an understatment. However, today the game is the cleanest it has ever been, attendance is high, and small market clubs are competitive. His legacy is mixed, I think.

  17. Is it possible that Dominican’s were (are) using PED’s at a higher rate than non-Dominian players? With the relative ease of getting the drug, the pressure of getting out of the third world country, and the overall money grab in MLB, it’s no wonder Hispanic players are using.

    Being a big Pujols fan, I have kept denying it to myself, but it would not shock me at all to see his name on the list. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me to see anyone’s name on the list.

  18. Someone needs to go all Chris Jericho (latter half of 2008-current version) and take to task Bud Selig’s regime, team owners and team and league personnel of the era that looked the other way, if not outright encouraged rampant steroid use, the sportswriters of the era who did and wrote nothing though apparently every last one of them knew to some degree what was going on and are all indignant now, the fans who were there that are all up on their soapboxes decrying what went on (*somewhat* excusable, since I doubt too many gave steroids and other PEDs much consideration and are now seeing that so many of their heroes are considered cheaters), and congress that remains up in arms over what happened in that era that basically ended six damn years ago with the slooooooowly leaking list for the hypocrites they are.

    That person will be me, because I’m sick of this BS. It’s killing my love for the game. The players have taken their lumps, and deservedly so. But now let’s call out all those that made it all possible, that fostered the “steroid era” and profited massively from, and those whom continue to grandstand so far after the fact that is meaningless, redundant, and REALLY f***ing annoying.

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