Donruss: Home of the Sticker

16 06 2009

I found this scan on the Donruss/Panini blog, err… I mean Beckett blog. While I am no football fan, am I crazy in thinking this card is absolutely atrocious? What exactly is Donruss’ obsession over placing giant words over photographs? In my opinion, this idea killed Contenders for me and several other collectors.

Furthermore, why is it that both Topps & Upper Deck can occasionally produce sets featuring all on-card autographs but Donruss cannot seem to do the same? Fine, we get that you guys are the “Home of the Sticker” but you can at least do on-card autographs once in a while, no? Give us one baseball release with on-card autographs, please!

Considering the extremely close ties between Beckett and Donruss, you can expect lots of coverage and great press on all of Donruss’ products. There won’t be any questions about boring, recycled designs, too many parallels, or the fact that Donruss is making the sticker makers billionaires.

What do you guys think of the card below? PERFECT or TERRIBLE?




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16 06 2009

Please, before you make your choice on this, go view last years product – its EXACTLY the same. Last year’s product was a crime against humanity, and this one looks as bad, if not worse.


16 06 2009

That card would be almost perfect without the sticker, if the auto was on card. It’s too bad.

16 06 2009
Eric Slette

If you remove the gigantic “IMMORTALS,” and move the auto to the lower half of the card, somehow, I don’t think it’s that terrible.

16 06 2009

So if all you do is change the design and then move the auto, then its a good looking card? Why would anyone buy a product like that? I love Elway, im a huge Bronco fan but no way am I ever going to like this card. I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate a patch auto card of my favorite football player but thanks to Beckini its happend. As for the 08, well at least they put the sticker at the bottom. But why r they in love with giant words in white font?

16 06 2009

Yeah, why is “IMMORTALS” twice as large as Elway’s name (and right under his neck)? Also, notice the top of his helmet is cut off, I thought that was a no-no in photography.

16 06 2009
Eric Slette

JBob, where exactly did I say it’s a good looking card? There’s a big difference between “good looking” and “not terrible.” Take, for example, the girls I’ve slept with – sure, a few were good looking, but a LOT more tended to be not terrible.

I won’t get into the ones who were terrible, because I’m not proud.

Maybe it’s because Elway is being used as the example, that I’m forgiving of the design. I hate Elway, and could care less if one of his cards looks bad. If that’s the same card with Troy Aikman, maybe I’m singing a different tune. Who knows?

16 06 2009

Get rid of IMMORTALS in 72 point font and it’s not bad looking. These stupid words Donruss plasters right on top of their photos remind me of the cards marked SAMPLE back in the ’90s.

16 06 2009

And by ‘not bad looking’ I by no means am saying it’s good looking. Just not atrociously hideous like it is now. There’s still way too much wasted space on the bottom of the card to justify Elway getting squeezed off the top.

16 06 2009
Michel Rivolta

Stickers are a never ending history……!!!!!!!

16 06 2009

I was under the impression that you wanted an auto on a card because you could connect with that card. You and your favorite player both touched that card. It was also a limited quantity thing. But now that the player never touched the card, the design is ugly, and the limited quantity idea is out the window with release after release, why r people still collecting this crap?!

16 06 2009

Is Elway injured? Why does he have a clear band-aid on his shoulder?

16 06 2009



16 06 2009


16 06 2009

Does Panini still make collectible stickers? If so, are any of them autographed? If they are, do they use “on-sticker” autographs or do they slap a sticker auto on a collectible sticker?

Makes you think…

16 06 2009

Atrocious. Nice jersey swatch. Stickers make me wonder how lazy some companies execs are. You really can’t find someone to go around and throw “signing parties” for players after cards are printed? You really think players enjoy signing stickers?

16 06 2009
Jeff W

That’s a waste of a good piece of jersey.

16 06 2009

I wonder if card companies could send out giant uncut sheets of card stock with a very light outline of the area in which the athlete was to sign. Then the print process was done after with nothing but the gloss covering the area designed 4 the auto. That would preserve the auto better, look fantastic, and stop some of the fake auto madness.

17 06 2009


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