Man on the Street – ’09 Sports Icons

13 06 2009

It appears that some believe Razor provided Wax Heaven with a “loaded” box. Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street tested this theory by hitting his local card shop and picking up four boxes of 2009 Sports Icons.

At $85 dollars per box, Shane walked away with his very own Hank Aaron autograph (with Warren Spahn on the other side). Personally, I believe that this product is filled with Hank Aaron autographs. Receiving a “loaded” box is nothing new in The Hobby but from the breaks I have seen, Aaron is all over ’09 Sports Icons.

Below is a list of Shane’s haul from the product. Shane says he believes this is one of Razor’s best products to date, although he has seen some less than stellar pulls (Tom Seaver). How do you guys think he did?

Buck Leonard   05/49
Gordie Howe    23/26
Eddie Matthews  04/42
Tony Canadeo   01/04
Hank Aaron & Warren Spahn Dual Cut 21/25

(thumbnails lead to full-size scans)




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13 06 2009

Eddie Mathews and a dual of Aaron and Spahn?!? I’d be jealous if I didn’t have all those autos on baseballs already. No, wait, I am jealous because he got Buck Leonard too. What a freakin’ haul!

13 06 2009

Aaron seems to be appearing in a ton of products lately, which is good (I suppose) for those that want to pay less for his auto, but not so good for the “investor collector.” Most of the cut autos in this product or in Legendary Cuts can be found for a fraction of the price on ebay. One of the really nice autos to go after are either the Perez/Steele autos or the Hall of Fame postcard autos. Most of them will be PSA authenticated and are the exact same autos UD purchases to mutilate for a cut auto. I was able to find a very nice Ted Williams Perez/Steele auto, PSA authenticated for $190 with shipping. If that was a cut auto and given artificial scarcity it would’ve at least doubled the price.

13 06 2009

More hits than misses, that’s for sure.
He did pretty well, and it looks like he got decent value. If I had the money for it, I wouldn’t feel cheated off of that break, as opposed to every Razor Ink Archives break I’ve seen so far.

13 06 2009

And as I think about it, there was no real “miss” at all.

13 06 2009

I’ve watched a case + packs of this opened and it’s all been amazing. From Aaron to Griffey Jr. to Mr. Hockey to Bulldog Turner to Ozzy (yes, he’s in it too)… Just amazing stuff. I think Razor did all right by collectors between this release and Ink Archives. I would prefer to buy Ink Archives (my forte), but I see the appeal for this too.

I wonder how their value will hold against cuts from the “big” three?

13 06 2009

Wow, awesome stuff! That Buck Leanord is sick! You don’t see too much stuff of him.

13 06 2009

If anyone thinks that this was a loaded box, gimme a break. Hank Aaron is not a major hit. This product seems just OK to me. I refuse to pay 85-95 for one card. The dual auto is nice card, just hope that there is a dual Dimaggio card brothers auto. Other that that cuts are not to big of a deal anymore, to many being released, and with high #ing just makes it common.

13 06 2009

I hate to always have to be the voice of dissention, but there are plenty of “misses” in this product. A lot of these “cuts” will have ending prices of $20 or less for a 1 card $90 pack. Busting is always gambling. I’d say Shane beat the odds on this one.

Check out this monstrosity if you need to see the other side of the coin.

eBay item # 110401942054 – dual cut Billy Williams/Brooks Robinson

“cut autos” of 2 still living players – check
mangled signed photo – check
mangled HOF plaque post card – check

13 06 2009

but charlie, how is this different from any other product on the market. doesnt every company have boxes that cost $90, but you sell cards for $20? Wasnt original cost on icons $55 or 60? looks like razor priced fair but dealers are charging way over cost.

13 06 2009

Never said it was different from anything else. That was kinda my point.

And yes, original cost was $55-60 for dealers and hobby shops. Then they add their mark-up. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt when you send 2 of the most widely read hobby resources on the internet Hank Aaron autos. I’m sure that didn’t add any hype to the product at all. 🙂

14 06 2009

Redemptions suck, but if you’re going to cut up a nice lookin’ photo — I’d much rather have the whole darn photo. Then I’d go on ebay and realize that somehow the photo is worth less not cut to crap than it is cut to crap and put in a card.

Considering the sheer amount of forgeries on the market, it’s impossible for any company to guarantee a cut product is forgery free…


Product looks nice though, really nice..

14 06 2009

I like it

14 06 2009

Whoever said Razor sent you a loaded box should be shanked. And even if they did, we all know your credibility tells all of us you had nothing to do with it.

Overall, I think the product is crap, but I think cut signatures are becoming WAY over done so I may be a bit biased.

14 06 2009
steve emerick

I pulled two dual aarons one with matthews and one with spahn.

I also pulled a spahn single..

Wasnt Gartlan from the atlanta area.. that is the company razor purchased?

15 06 2009

i’m tired of cut signatures & stickers. razor won’t be getting my $90


15 06 2009
The Mojo Hand

There’s something about pulling a Legendary Cut Sig. I don’t really feel these.
To plain.


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