2009 Sports Icons review

2009 Sports Icons

Cards per pack: 1

Price: $95

Hit: Hank Aaron cut signature #’d 4 of 49

Overall: I must admit, this product was a lot of fun to bust. I have never busted a product which yielded just one card but this was a good start. I love the look of the border and the fact that the signature was obtained from something other than a photo/card.

Razor Entertainment donated the box with the stipulation that the card must go back into the collecting community. This Sunday at 8 A.M there will be a contest for the Hank Aaron autograph. Tell your friends, family, whoever. Anyone can enter so long as they have a valid e-mail address.

You can view a full-size scan of the Aaron cut signature HERE.

Bloggers / Message Board Users – Spread the word.



  1. I agree about live athletes having cuts but if you have seen Aaron’s signatures from Prime Cuts… you will see why it’s better to go back in time. Aaron can’t sign well anymore.

  2. That is a great card. I have one Hank Aaron signature on a 3×5 he signed TTM two years ago. Having his auto is a good feeling.

  3. sweet cards, i mean, card! continue the videos, i think they are great just for the blog’s purposes and i enjoy watching them. can’t wait to enter this contest!

  4. Given that it’s “Razor” and a “cut signature” I have little confidence that it’s a legit Hank Aaron autograph.

  5. Hey Gang,
    I busted 5 packs of these today. I have sent Mario the pictures and information, so stay tuned..!

    Later All,
    Submarine Shane – The Man on the Street

  6. So was this box loaded? Would they have sent over a single card for you to open and risk it being something that made the product not worth buying? I know that Mario is on the up and up, and I’m not suggesting not taking what they send. But wouldn’t it be better to have them send you to a store to pick out your own box?

  7. Dude, that card is NAAASTY!!!!!! It would look really good in my HOFer collection!!!! I think this is a great idea too.

  8. When I saw the box opened this morning I thought the same thing…loaded box. When Mario posts the Man on the Street segment you can see what I hit and you will see the product is loaded…not just a box or two.
    Of the five boxes I opened they were all very nice cuts. Thats almost half a case so you would think I would have got something bad out of five boxes, not so.
    I have to give Brian and Razor some credit. These are way better than their other products and the card design is nice too. I have yet to see a signature that has been “destroyed” or not fitted into the die-cut properly. Trust me, if the Man on the Street had a problem with them I would be the first one complaining…haha.

    Later All
    Submarine Shane – The Man on the Street

  9. Very cool! Can’t wait for the contest. $95 isn’t too bad if Aaron is one of the more common autos.

  10. I still don’t like the looks of the cards but I will be here for the contest as this may be my only way to get an Aaron autograph anytime soon. I still wished the cards in this set looked better I have 2 cuts 1 from 08 leg cuts of Gerald Ford which is a generic design but my 06 leg cut Don Drysdale cut I like alot as it has a pic to it. this just seems to be the norm now however.

  11. Hmm…

    Report on the UD/Razor relationship, and now you end up with free stuff?

    An attempt to keep you quiet?

  12. about time they put something in a box worth a damn. Hell for 495 for 1 pack…you can still buy a legit Aaron and Mays, and still have some change elft over for a Slurpee. I dont know when people will stop going crazy over this over used product idea. I should start a damn company and have my own “cut signature” edition. I will be sure to include the 100+ autographs of Randy Winn I have…….freaking joke

  13. wow ok….after watching the breaks from other card websites that got a free box…..looks liek Razor sent them the same exact thing. 1 Aaron pulled, and an Aaron/Griffey pulled from a box FCB got…..haha whatever……yea im gonna waste my money… Id rather buy a worn pair of panties

  14. Who “authenticated” these? Or is this another case that in 5 months they will just say a “reputable dealer” for the second time? And run to the PR bomb shelter?

  15. Will this contest rely on complete random chance, because that’d be nice. I hate to say it, but your popular “PICK A NUMBER” contest is pretty easy to fix!

    Better yet, i think you should make RIDICULOUS requests like “Take a picture of yourself in the mirror holding no less than 10 hank aaron cards…”

    that’d be ballin’

    or … “first person to shoot a video of themselves destroying a card worth no less than 60 dollars, WINS”

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