You Be the Judge – ’09 B.D.P. Football

Not being the biggest football fan around (or one at all), bustin’ football products can sometimes be a bit of a chore. Sure, a release like SP Rookie Threads could bring a collector back from the dead but the truth is, not all football products are as fun.

I have to admit, I am very impressed with 2009 Bowman Draft Picks. For some reason, Topps didn’t include the usual one per pack Chrome insert. In fact, there is hardly any flash in B.D.P. football and it still provided lots of fun. For starters, you get one red parallel per pack but as you can see from the scans, there are also more rare versions.

While I wasn’t a big fan of any of the inserts, the on-card autograph looks absolutely stunning (take that, Donruss) and while the critic in me should be upset about pulling a manufactured logo autograph, I will reserve judgment until I see the card in person.

You can find boxes of 2009 Bowman Draft Picks for under $60 dollars per box through Dave & Adam’s Card World. For that price you will walk away with 240 cards, including two, on-card autographs and a handful of serial numbered parallels.

So what do you guys think of B.D.P. football? How would you rate this box?

11 thoughts on “You Be the Judge – ’09 B.D.P. Football

  1. Jeff W

    I like them this year. Nothing great or fancy, but at the price, solid, which is much better than previous years of what used to be this release.

  2. Bryan

    other than getting UNC players in their Carolina uni’s, I don’t like football cards before they are pictured in their NFL uniforms.

  3. trgertg

    sweet heyward-bey auto! Im still in shock that he was drafted before crabtree and harvin.

  4. Not a bad base card design. The Rivals insert could be better designed, but I like the concept. Although I may be partial because this is the first I’ve seen it and it features Deon Butler…

  5. Just a note, you get another Manu-Patch Auto if you buy the HTA Box for 20 more bucks.

    The BDP is a nice mixture. Panini’s got the best lookin’ cards. UD’s got 5 On-Card Autos per Box..

    Bowman’s not as sharp lookin’ as Prestige, and it’s not as loaded as UD Draft.

    Great Value in this box, but Manufactured College Name Patches is sorta lame considering this was released after the draft.

    My only problem with the Bowman was the massive quality control issue. Half of the veteran cards had the Silver Foil Bowman Stamp nowhere near the Black printed Bowman. When the press line runs an inch off for an entire box.. you’d figure they’d catch on ?

  6. Tim

    I purchased one box of BDP and pulled a Michael Crabtree rookie auto and a Darius Passmore Letter Autograph. The cards were nice and I really had no problems with this box and that is a miracle in it’s own right. The cards were not defective in any way and it was a smooth box for 60.00. The kids were happy with what they opened and I kind of enjoy seeing the players in college uniforms.

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