Beckett Media makes headlines…

By now you’ve probably already heard the big news. The only 1981 Topps Joe Montana rookie card to receive a perfect PRISTINE grade by Beckett Grading Services sold for $65,880 dollars in an auction.

What is really sad about this sale is that for just over two grand, someone could have easily bought two 1981 Joe Montana rookie cards each with a 9.5 grade. If you are not into the grading scam, you could own the card for about $30 dollars any day of the week on eBay.

There are currently whispers among the online community that the card in question was originally submitted by someone close to the Dallas-based company. That might explain why the card has curiously exchanged hands several times since this most recent sale.

One has to wonder just how pristine the card is, considering that every day collectors crack open slabs and re-submit them since grades almost always come back different than before. According the to Boycott Beckett blog, the company is running on empty and on their way out.

Would it surprise anyone if this was one last attempt to save the fledgling company or at the very least keep Beckett Grading Services in the black for the next few years? Who wouldn’t want to bypass PSA now after hearing the news of the Montana sale that’s been plastered all over today?

Well played, Beckett Media.



  1. There are very few cards I would pay $65,000+ for, and a Montana Rookie is not one of them. Think about all the really nice vintage baseball you could get for 65K. I hope they didn’t use this picture to promote the sale of the card. Those guys look like Kenny Goldin (sp) …that guy that use to sell sports cards and other junk on Home Shopping Network. Goldin was also the creator of the awful early 90’s Four-Sport crap and some other garbage too.
    To use a line from “Office Space”…These guys are a couple of “ass-clowns”.

    Later All,
    Submarine Shane – The Man on the Street

  2. “That might explain why the card has curiously exchanged hands several times since this most recent sale.”

    Can you give us some more information regarding this?

  3. Yeah, this only furthers the assumption that grading is for suckers. Its always been understood that people who do more for the evil empire get better grades. Add in the fact that graded cards are sold by the company that does the grading on ebay. How is that not a huge conflict of interest?


  4. Looks like it’s the inaugural post for a companion “Hot Cards with Douchebags” blog to this one.

    Didn’t Axe stop making the “Kilo” scent body spray like three years ago?

  5. Shane, the guy on the left is Nick Lachey, former husband of Jessica Simpson and 1/4 of the poor man’s Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees.

  6. I got my Joe Montana rookie in a shoebox full of football cards I bought for $5 back in the ’80s. Nobody’s grading my card. 😀

  7. 12 Pack – now if there ever was an endorsement for…………..Ah, can’t go through with it. Gotta save some snark for later.

    Just give me the 65K & change and I could have a kickass collection of baseball stuff.

  8. “Looks like it’s the inaugural post for a companion “Hot Cards with Douchebags” blog to this one.”

    Best blog name ever. Love the reference.

  9. I was going to say… that’s 12 pack from I love New York and Daisy of Love and every other stupid VH1 reality tv shows

  10. I was going to say that looked like 12 pack and didn’t that dude just get skunk spray all over his face in one of the latest episodes of VH1’s FAKE REALITY SHOWS? (He has been on so many I lose track….I love New York…I love Money…and now the daisy one)

    Please tell me he bought the card. Please (I am too lazy to go check myself), because that would be awesome.

    What did you do with the money you gained from your 15 (okay more than 15) minutes of fame? I wasted it on a “Pristine” Joe Montana card as an investment….dude this things going to be worth millions in a couple years.

  11. That dude wishes he was Nick Lachey…

    Never has someone come off so “douchey” in a picture.

  12. Mario- Are you positive that’s Nick Lachey? He looks…err…different somehow. Also, whomever applied his lip gloss didn’t do a very good job of blending those makeup lines on his nose and forehead.

    Oh, and let’s not forget his friend. Dude looks like A) he hasn’t been out of his Mom’s basement in two weeks and B) just saw a woman’s breasts for the very first time.

    Damn, what happened when collecting was all about the kids? I guess if you’re not a professional World of Warcraft player or Boy Band impersonator, there’s no chance at the big hits. Argh…I miss the old days!

  13. 65 thousand dollars.

    That’s a crap ton of cash. Babe Ruth autos and Cooperstown-worthy items come to mind as better options.

    Hell, you could probably track down Joe Montana, give him 65K, have lunch with him and have him sign every piece of 49’ers gears you own. And Joe Montana would still think you’re a sucker.

  14. How the heck does a card actually get graded a 10 anyway?? and a card the is almost 30 years old from the captain idiots at beckett…good god can beckett just die as a company yet?

  15. That’s a crap ton of cash. Babe Ruth autos and Cooperstown-worthy items come to mind as better options.

    Babe Ruth game used autographed bats dont go for 65K.

    However, for 65K, you could also probably buy Beckett at this point.

  16. Haha, I just bought a beckett sports card monthly magazine from CVS like 30 minutes ago. June version with: Kim Kardashian, Matthew Stafford, Evan longoria, and LeBron James. I must admit it is a handsome cover. Am I the only one who collects beckett stuff?

  17. Fan of grading cards or not, BGS is absolutely run on the up and up. The director is one of the most honest people you will ever find, in or out of the industry.

    Now, as for Capt. Doucheman and Guido Creepo in the photo, I hope they haven’t got the ability to breed.

  18. This reminds me of the story I read about the ’01 Bowman Chrome Pujols RC.. Apparently some guy had a BGS 9.5 – but he continued to send it back in, to have it reviewed.. He wasn’t cracking the case or anything, but it’s like if you feel you get low-balled on your grade, they’ll check it out again.. Now from what I read, the card was accurately graded as a 9.5 – but the guy was giving them lots of business, so after DOZENS of times of him sending it back in, they finally gave it the “Pristine 10” grade..

    It ended up going for around $30K back in ’06, and some people out there were PISSED.. Apparently, the centering on it was not perfect, and there was a really slight, but noticeable imperfection on 1 of the corners.. Not to mention the autograph was a little smudged.. So all in all, it’s just a really bullshit story, cuz BGS is supposed to be this crazy prestigious grade – and a BGS 10 is like the cream of the crop.. But apparently if you’re persistent enough, or give them enough business, you can essentially BUY the Pristine 10 grade..

    It really is a great card and everything tho.. An ungraded 1 just sold on ebay earlier tonight for $3700 which could have easily been a BGS 9.5.. But it’s pretty bothersome to know that if someone pulled the right strings, or knew the right people, they could get it slabbed as a BGS 10 – and have the value of it shoot up $10-20K..

  19. I would not cite the “Boycott Beckett Blog” as a credible source for anything. It’s just a bunch of sour grapes pointless posts that can’t be taken seriously.

  20. God, are those two guys in the photo douchebags or what? Someone needs to ‘shop them into the Lee Hotti pics that were all the rage a few years ago.

  21. I just had a funny, although irrational thought lol.. If the average Joe cracked that case and resent the card into Beckett – what do you think the chances are that it would come back a Pristine 10 again? I’d say VERY slim.. I bet the person that got that 10 grade has some friends over at BGS..

  22. Apparently they have 65K to buy this card, but dont have 50 bucks to buy ties for their shirt!

    Oh man, this is great stuff.

  23. what’s the difference if the card is an 8 or a 10? To me, just as long as a card is in nice condition, ungraded, it’s good enough for me. I’ve seen some PSA 9’s that looked flawless, even 8 for that matter…….. it’s fascanating paying all that money for a card just because someone says it’s a 10 when you can get the same exact card in the same condition for much cheaper ungraded. Grading is something that pulls me away from the hobby… if I have an ungraded Montana rookie then to many collecters it’s worhtless becasue it’s not graded…. the only good thing is that it keeps the prices of ungraded cards low.

  24. Well i wont be reading Beckett anymore as budget cuts at my local library forced them to drop some magazine subscriptions, Beckett was one of them oh well im not too sad.

  25. 65,000 investment, here’s what 65,000 could have bought in the real world, 50,000 shares of Gm, 55,000 shares of Ford, a solid gold kilo $33,000, a kilo of silver bar $10,000 a brand new cadliac, should I go on. You want to make an investment purchase, think big. Who the hell is going to buy that Montana in todays market as an investment. Another reason why America is failing, dropping 65,000 k on a card in a hobby that is failing.

  26. 12 Pack might have made 65K on the sale of that card but every morning he has to wake up and look at himself in the mirror and remember this:

    “I am best known for my time on I Love New York which could better be re-titled: “The Douchebag Dating Game””

    “I am also known for being a VH1 Fake REality re-tread as I continue to appear on these dating shows or spin-off money contest shows”

    “I am one of only a minimal number of people who have been sprayed in the face by a skunk”

    “I thought it would be great idea to create an auction house and try to compete with Ebay under the guise that we would bring honesty and value back to the hobby……well at least I made 65K…….”

    Seriously look up the auction house and check out their page.

  27. No, I’m not from Beckett. Nice simplistic reasoning skills. I have no problem with ridiculing the two idiots above and calling Beckett out in general. But that “Boycott Beckett Blog” is a real piece of work. Talk about insane ramblings. Wishing that someone rots in hell? Yes, the Beckett execs deserve what’s coming to them – failure, but to wish that people rot in hell? A little much.

  28. SacFly,

    There are more than a few different writers on Boycott Beckett, thus the different voices and styles of posts. We all remain anonymous to protect our sources (ie-friends) who are left at Beckett in both Texas and California.

    As for the “rot in hell,” when you lose a house because of some scumbag who embraces shady marketing tactics and likes to send jobs to India, you become quite bitter. To think this guy has enough capital to buy Beckett/APG, but then is immediately “suffering” so badly he has to fire decades of hobby veterans (agree with that or not), is laughable.

    We simply have not had the time to sit down and “focus” the blog, or set parameters of any kind. Call it sour grapes? No problem, we lost our jobs, what else COULD you call it? But to dismiss the fact that this is another nail in the coffin for a once-valuable resource is dismissing that another huge part of the hobby is now in the hands of someone with no morals.

    Don’t ignore the facts presented (especially about the subscription scams), even if they are not presented in a smooth as silk manner to this point.

  29. Nice dumb @$$ on the left. What is with the tough-guy look? Looks like a total jack@$$ in my opinion, sorry, he just does.

  30. The Joe Montana card is still just a picture on a piece of cardboard, right? It’s not made of solid gold or diamond?

    Just checking. Nice “investment”, idiots.

    I would not spend $65,000 on ANYTHING. Not even a house – because a house priced that low would be horrible and unlivable. Even if I had the money, I don’t think I’d ever be able to justify buying a freakin’ card for THAT much money.

  31. They say this is the ONLY BGS 10, right? Anyone kno how many PSA 10’s there are? I’d say there’s gotta be more than a few.. And I’m just taking a guess, but I bet a PSA 10 wouldn’t go for more than $10K.. But everyone goes all crazy for the exclusive 1/1.. I get a kick out of the new cards that have a print run of say 100 or so – cuz on ebay the 1/100 is a 1/1 – the 100/100 is a 1/1 – if the guy is number 8, the 8/100 is another 1/1.. LOL it’s just nuts.

  32. “I would not spend $65,000 on ANYTHING. Not even a house ”

    For a second I couldn’t IMAGINE where you lived. Thankfully you clarified that statement.


  33. How about starting a grading service where the cards are graded to 11 and thus more valuable?

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