Will you be buying ’09 O-Pee-Chee?

31 05 2009

In case you’ve been living under Beckett’s rock, you likely already know about the return of O-Pee-Chee baseball and the lawsuit between Topps & Upper Deck over it. Last week I got a first-hand look at the Series Two O-Pee-Chee preview cards and I must say that I am incredible impressed.

Yes, it’s a “borrowed” design & yet another retro-themed product but from the details available, this is going to be a set-builder’s product all the way. For starters, boxes won’t yield automatic “hits”. In fact, there are just two autographs and four relics per case in 2009 O-Pee-Chee.

There are 500 cards in the set with a whopping 100 of them being short-printed and from my conversation with Upper Deck about O-Pee-Chee, it appears that this product will have a major supply located in retail outlets.

Could a cheap price point, major retail appearance, and a classy, old school design be enough to make OPC baseball a major success? Or is this just one more example of a card company forcing nostalgia down our throats?

O-Pee-Chee is expected to be released in June.

click here to see the card back




22 responses

1 06 2009

I’ll buy it if people are buying it. I would imagine that this is going to be a really popular set.

1 06 2009

It’s really going to depend on price point and availability, but I like the look of the set.

1 06 2009

I’ll take a look at it – but I’m already committed to Goudey, Heritage, and of course Allen & Ginter once it goes live. The biggest question is just exactly how “short” of a short print are those 100 cards? If they are like the Goudey cards, I’ll probably sit this one out and just pick up the Reds via trades over time.

1 06 2009
Jeffrey Wolfe

Wow I love these! I will def. be on the look out for this.

1 06 2009
Ryan Cracknell

My guess is the configuration will be very similar to that of hockey. Shortprints will come every other pack making building a set no harder than Heritage or A&G – at a much lower pack price point.

1 06 2009
night owl

It doesn’t make me want to collect it. I’m pretty much committed to Topps flagship and A&G. I’ll buy some of it, but it’s not thrilling enough to throw a lot of money at.

1 06 2009
Robert S.

I’m passing because UD doesn’t understand what makes O-Pee-Chee so cool – dual languages!

I hate the UD base set inserts because they aren’t o-pee-chee as I remember them and collected them so I’ll have to pass on the set.

1 06 2009
Eric E

Yes, I will buy it!

1 06 2009

It looks more like Fleer than OPC.

1 06 2009

I still say the base set looks like Fleer to me. If it’s configured like the Hockey packs, 6 cards for $1.59, I’ll pass. A lower price point means nothing if you get half the cards. I’ll save my money for A&G and Goodwin.

1 06 2009

I would rather put together A&G and Goodwin, but I may buy some of OPC if the price is low enough.

1 06 2009
Eric Slette

I am going to go back on my vow to not buy any UD products this year and put this set together, probably along with the Goodwin set, as well. The lower price point is appealing to me, and the simple design works. Plus, it’s probably another Andy card to chase, so why not?

I’ll probably have my Heritage set wrapped up sometime before August, and I’ll need a new pursuit (if you will). This, A&G and Goodwin should keep me good and busy.

1 06 2009

Considering the price point, and what this set is intended for (set building!), I’ll be more than happy to buy a couple of boxes. This is what the Topps Heritage line should’ve been all about!

1 06 2009

I guess it depends on the price. There’s no point in paying a premium for 80s retro with worse photography and cardstock if it costs 3 times as much as the original thing.

OPC worked a lot better in hockey because, well, 80s packs are rare and expensive, but that’s not the case in baseball. That said, with all the shortprints and the fact that you get 6 cards in a pack it cost hundreds of dollars to complete a set in that too.

1 06 2009

The design is ok, but nothing special. Probably will pass, especially considering the number of SP’s.

1 06 2009

I totally agree with chemgod. It looks like a Fleer Tradition design that’s been re-badged. First thoughts:

– Reasonably classy. Graphic design is not a stunner, but does not fail.

– Ably provides most elements for overall good card design:player name, team, brand, position (which gets ignored WAY too much these days), border, and colors. This is especially notable for a grey-stock card.

– Jury is still out for results on photography, and card finish.

– Deduct a point for lack of room for full-career MLB stats on the back.

– Could gain bonus points if utility guys (like Jerry Hairston, Jr. and Mark DeRosa) get positions labels of “2B-3B-SS-OF” scrunched inside the baseball.

Now THAT would be paying attention to retro detail.

So, yes. I would like to go to buy some of this. I’ll give it a try.

1 06 2009

Keep in mind that as dayf pointed out, this product is not going to be cheap. If it is priced similarly to OPC hockey at 6 cards for $1.59, you will be paying 27 cents per card, which isn’t cheap.

Keep in mind that similar quality cards from the 80’s/90’s can be bought for about 3-5 cents each via rack or cello boxes (I just bought a 1984 Topps Rack Box and a 1989 Donruss Rack Box for $75 total at a show over the weekend).

1 06 2009

Ill buy it if pelfrey is in it!

1 06 2009

I think I’ll buy this. The idea of super rare hits and short printed base cards reminds me of childhood. Seriously. I think it’ll be fun. I hope this ‘style’ of production builds up. Guaranteed doesn’t excite me anymore. It needs to go back to short list autos (super short printed), short print base, and maybe 1 or 2 insert sets and no parallels. IMO.

1 06 2009

I’m not at all interested in this set but I’ll have to buy some before I make a decision. I like the OPC inserts in UD Series 1 better.

1 06 2009

I usually NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, let me repeat NEVER buy Upper Deck products.

Now with that said I was a huge OPC baseball card buyer in the 70’s until they stopped printing in the early 90’s. And I have not yet actually purchased any of the new Upper Deck OPC versions now being released. I’m not impressed withe 1975 version in series 1UP, how-ever the series 2 OPC look kinda cool.

Now if the new OPC set itself looks decent I might be up for buying a few packs, or even buying some card lots on EBAY. This set should get Topps off its rear and come out with a set (hello Throwbacks?) that looks exactly like this set and get a low cost mid-size collectors set and get into a price point war with Upper Deck.

We need a little excitement between these card companies and they seem to make no effort to attract collectors to some low cost decent looking sest and make cards fun gain….?

1 06 2009

Not my favorite “retro” looking set. I’ll wait until I tire of Allen & Ginter before I try out anything else, and even then it’ll likely be Heritage. On the rare occasion I feel like spending more than a buck per pack, that is…

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