Who needs Upper Deck Masterpieces?

26 05 2009

New images of 2009 Goodwin Champions just hit Upper Deck’s Facebook page. As you can see from the images below, this product is clearly Upper Deck’s secret weapon in the baseball card market.

If you haven’t joined Upper Deck’s Facebook, you probably should. They have single handedly make Beckett Media obsolete, as they post information to Facebook before Chris Olds can insert a Beckett watermark on it.

Too bad Donruss/Panini is still in the dark about the Internet.

Product Details:

Two Memorabilia Series cards per box, on average!
One Hard-Signed Autograph Series card per box, on average!
Twenty Minis per box, on average!
Ten  short-printed subset cards – including two Super SP’s – per box

Est. release date – September

(images lead to full-size scans)




30 responses

26 05 2009

It appears as though Upper Deck took the artists worth their salt in the early Goudey releases and got them to paint landscapes behind the players. GENIUS.

You have any pricing on these?

26 05 2009
Mario A.

Upper Deck didn’t list their price, unfortunately.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess $85 SRP.

26 05 2009

Damn. Damn. Damn. So many great sets this year … and me without steady work.

26 05 2009
26 05 2009

Oof those look good. Wow, masterpieces in a different medium. Love it.

26 05 2009

This is a pretty nice set. I look forward to bustin a box once it comes out.

26 05 2009
Submarine Shane

This looks like a case break for the Man on the Street…

Submarine Shane

26 05 2009
Eric Slette

Remember how I said I wouldn’t be buying any Upper Deck product this year?

It appears I’m well on my way to eating my words.

26 05 2009

Yep, I’m in for some of this…

26 05 2009

I concur with the masses, this set looks pretty sweet.

26 05 2009

those look great!

26 05 2009

That set does look really nice. I’d like to put that together.

26 05 2009

Donruss/Panini had some nice card giveaways last month on facebook.

26 05 2009

Wow. These look better than ’03 Play Ball and ’07 Goudey. Hell, they look better than Allen & Ginter. Of course the original Goodwins were superior to the A&Gs as well. this could be a great set if Upper Deck doesn’t screw it up.

26 05 2009
Jeff W

I will be doing a set of this. I love it.

26 05 2009

Agreed with Dayf.

26 05 2009
Mr. Scott

These cards look amazing I’m excited would love the Jeter

26 05 2009

I’ll have to wait and see if it grows on me. Right now, it looks like Goudey, just with a different typeface.

26 05 2009

I think it is better than average. Some kind of textured background is a welcome element compared to Goudey. However, if it is only a handful of backgrounds (like the cloud pattern) recycled over hundreds of different cards, then that becomes a mildly lame.

I have hope, however, as the cloud pattern looks like it might be only for the auto subset, and that’s sensible for that purpose.

The on-card autos will be insanely great. Hopefully, no redemptions. Dare I dream that a card maker is listening to their customer base?

One little nit, though is the continuation of mining ancient designs for the sake of new sets. Although Hobby Rule of Accumulation #78 clearly states, “one man’s gimmick is another man’s innovation”, how far back in time are we going to go for design ideas? I’d like to see a little more effort in trying to be original.

What’s next, cards in Sanskrit?

Cuneiform tablets with “in-clay” autos?

That does beg the question, though–is there room for originality in the tough card market, which has a LOT of fixed expectations?

26 05 2009

I want that Nolan Ryan auto.

26 05 2009

wow- better start saving up now..

27 05 2009

The cards are beautiful, but I cringe at the price.

27 05 2009

Take that Goudey…and that…and that. My god Goodwin is looking Good.

27 05 2009

Any word on the checklist?

27 05 2009
Chris Fernandez

Can’t wait til one of thse gimmicky card companies purchase a Honus Wagner, cuts it up, and places it in a product with “Authentic Cut Honus Wagner” card, numbered to only 10 copies.

I’m sure we’ll see it one day.

27 05 2009

Yeah man, these sure do look nice. If they really are around $75-$90/box, I’ll pick up a few.

8 06 2009

Im excited about 2009 Goodwin Champions. The design looks great the auto’s look pretty cool.

4 07 2009

WOW! Im going to order 5 cases of this……if I dont hit anything big, then I will officially retire from purchasing UD products!

Mario—- you can have all my Marlins cards haha GO RAYS!

12 07 2009
The Mojo Hand

Im saving for a case halfway there.

14 07 2009

how many cards in this set?

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