Where is the Longoria Superfractor?

Evan Longoria just might be the best player in baseball and his best rookie card comes from 2006 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. The autographed Longoria from the set has been selling for hundreds of dollars while graded parallels like the Gold Refractor has reached Pujols-like sales figures.

An Evan Longoria 2006 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Red Refractor #’d to just 5 copies recently hit eBay and with 8 days to go already has 16 bids and is nearing $4,000 dollars. It is the lowest numbered Refractor of Longoria from the 2006 Bowman line that has ever been seen.

The question on everyone’s mind is simple: Where is the 1/1 Superfractor? It’s never been spotted on eBay or even accounted for on any message board or blog. It is perhaps the most-desired baseball card since the 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols and no one has a clue to its location.

Odds are, the mythical card is still sitting in an unopened box waiting to be found. If it is ever pulled, you can expect to see it sell for well over $10,000 dollars on the secondary market. Kinda makes you want to bust a box or two, don’t it?

27 thoughts on “Where is the Longoria Superfractor?

  1. Oh, I have one of those Longoria superfractors… Is it a good card? Maybe I should put it in a toploader. 😉

  2. I’ve got one, too. No, wait. Mine is an Eva Longoria superfractor. Maybe I should take it out of the toploader.

  3. I want to bust a couple dozen cases of 06 Draft, even without the Longoria. Great checklist.

  4. Just busted a couple boxes of 06 draft yesterday, and alas — no longoria. I’ll have to blog about my complete and utter failure later this week, but two cases yielded probably about 7 dollars worth of autographs (on ebay)

    I don’t think I even netted a Longoria base card.

    Two more boxes on the way though, I’ll let you know if I find it. 😀

  5. a hundred bucks for a box with one auto!! chances are that auto is garbage no wonder it hasnt surfaced thats fuckin robbery

  6. Just last year, I was able to buy an ’06 Bowman Chrome Longoria auto for about $100 and an ’06 Bowman Chrome Longoria refractor auto (#/500) for about $150. Now both cards are selling for twice that, and I’ll probably never be able to afford the lower #’d parallels.

    To kris – there is no 2006 Bowman Chrome Longoria base card – only auto’s.

  7. This is why I’ve been reduced to only getting the most common of the commons for my Longoria collection. Although even if I did go box hunting and pulled this I don’t think I could pass up that kind of potential cash for what is a very bare-bones player collection anyway.

  8. Dave, I mean like base-card in that it’s his “FIRST BOWMAN CARD.” rather than “FIRST BOWMAN CHROME” Card..

    I can only assume he has a first Bowman card…right?

  9. The Superfractor was pulled in late 2007. Sold on eBay and never resurfaced. At least 3 of the red refractors have also been pulled.

  10. The superfractor was pulled? How come nobody has seen it? I have been looking for it for along time, and never saw it on ebay. What’d it sell for, if it was on ebay?

  11. I’ve got 3 cases sitting here in front of me and trying to resist busting these! I *know* that Superfractor is in one of them!

  12. Where can you buy these cards? At any store? Or can you only get them from certain stores?
    How do you know if you’ve got a good deck in the pack? I mean, I realize, such as the 1/1 Strausberg card the just surfaced, that the numbers account to its rarity, but what other ways can you tell?

  13. I hope it isnt pulled. Then the boxes and packs themselves will be the thing to have and then the legend will continue…..Maybe it was pulled by a know nothing who got the box from a relative and he then proceeded to give it to his three year old, so by now,the card that was in the bathtub is now stuck to the bottom of a dirty toybox with popsicle stuck to it…….

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