The Wax Report – 2009 Bowman

16 05 2009

Check out Mr. Scott’s review of the controversial 2009 Bowman!


2009 Bowman

Boxes: 2 Boxes Hobby / 1 Jumbo Box

Packs: 24 Packs / 12 Pcks

Cards: 10 per pack / 32 per pack

Price: $56 per Box / $89 per Box


Box 1 – Hobby

Bowman Copper: 1

Jermaine Dye#203/250

Bowman Prospect Blue: 2

Jon Kibler #305/500

John Mark Owings #392/500

Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 1

Christian Beltre #307/599

Bowman Chrome Pros Xfrac: 2

David Genao #288/299

Miguel Fermin #103/299


Box 2 – Hobby

Bowman Copper: 1

Jason Bay #087/250

Bowman Prospect Blue: 2

Mitch Dening #462/500

Seth Garrison #498/500

Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 1

Nick Buss #210/599

Bowman Chrome Pros Xfrac: 1

Yefri Carvajal #286/299

Bowman Chrome Pros Auto: 1

Lance Lynn


Box 3 – Jumbo

Bowman Pros Copper: 4

Luis Jimenez #044/250

Ehire Adrianza #043/250

Brett Oberholtzer #044/250

Alexander Smit #044/250

Bowman Prospect Blue: 8

Jonathan Waltebbury #214/500

Zack Moore #182/500

Tyson Brummet #220/500

Gregory Halman #261/500

Michael Swinson #161/500

Alexander Smit #207/500

Ruben Tejada #225/500

Joshua Collmenter #212/500

Bowman RC Auto: 1

Jose Mijares

Bowman RC Blue Auto: 1

Mat Gamel #423/500

Bowman Chrome Pros Ref: 2

Michael Pineda #459/599

Will Smith #402/599

Bowman Chrome Pros Xfrac: 2

Jeremy Farrell #259/299

Nelson Perez #075/299

Bowman Chrome Blue Ref

Brett Oberholtzer #138/150

Bowman Chrome Pros Ref Auto: 1

Greg Halman #189/500


Overall Review: This may be the most disappointing Bowman product since 2004. Box 1 didn’t contain an autograph which was a major bummer. I really don’t like the WBC cards as I sort my cards by team. Also as many other collectors have stated those big white boxes take up 1/4 of the card. How much better does the Kang card look with out the white box?

As for xfractors and refractors: the variation is way too minimal. I liked in past releases where you didn’t have to study the card to see if it was an insert. I would say the Jumbo box was much more impressive. The Jose Mijares was a box topper which surprised me. It also contained the Greg Halman refractor auto which would be my best card of the 3 boxes. They also should have stuck with the orange parallel and not changed to the rust copper color. Maybe they can figure some things out before the Bowman Chrome release in August.




14 responses

16 05 2009
Mario A.

Wow, Jumbo is definitely the way to go!

That Jacobs base card has inspired a post for later in the weekend.

16 05 2009
Mike T (Offy)

If you’re going to buy this set then the HTA Jumbos are definitely the way to go just like with any other Topps product. I bought one jumbo pack and decided that was enough for me. I may as well have been buying packs of Jai Lai players since I had no clue who most of them were. I miss Bowman from the early 90s.

16 05 2009

I really hope someone convinces them to drop the white box before they get to Chrome and Draft Picks.

16 05 2009

I love products where I have no connection or idea of who the players are (sarcasm).

16 05 2009
Eric Slette

Did the jumbo box provide enough to complete the base set at least?

16 05 2009

Does anybody know if Mike Pelfrey is in this set?

16 05 2009


16 05 2009
Submarine Shane

My shop owner didn’t even order this stuff. In all fairness we normally bust products like National Treasures, Ultimate, Premier, etc. so there is not a big call for Bowman.
I have to agree with the last post, I do really hate when people on eBay say those are real autographs…haha.

I think the last Bowman or Bowman Chrome I opened was 2001.

Later Gang,
Submarine Shane-The Man on the Street

16 05 2009
Mr. Scott

I’m not sure how close it comes to a set as I have commingled all the cards already. No Pelfrey in this series.

16 05 2009

Ah yes, the annoyances of sticker autos, without the actual autos. Good job.

16 05 2009

yep, I got a jumbo and was pleased.
The base design is pretty boring though.

16 05 2009

Ever notice Johnny Cuerto’s “signature” looks more like handwriting from a ransom note?

17 05 2009

The Jumbo doesn’t quite provide the whole set — I think i pulled 8 dupes? All and all, it wasn’t terrible.

Here’s my quick take,

1. Seriously, the box topper? You know there’s a sudden change of heart when an auto comes in a penny sleeve and top-loader on top of the packs. I’d opened at least half the back before I realized it was there. hehe.

2. The HTA isn’t for everyone, mainly prospectors. If you’re planning on selling these bowman chrome’s somewhere down the line — you get more per dollar in the hobby. The HTA is more for the folk who like signed basecards — I doubt they’ll fetch anything on ebay (they fugly.)

3. This Years prospect class is.. AWFUL. Like Bad — Like TERRIBLE.

I think there are under 5 BDP’s of guys taken before round 3. It’s disgusting.

4. These cards do look marginally better in person than in scans.

17 05 2009

The Gamel and Halman autos will be hot when they make an impact in the bigs. Just wondering if the Angels prospect card of Will Smith is available. Maybe we could work something out.

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