The Baseball Card Hall of Shame

In 1996, the greatest card company of all-time came up with an interesting idea. What if we hire a pretty girl with no photography experience and have her take snapshots of players from the 1995 World Series? Apparently, “super model” Christie Brinkley was available and the results were classic.

Seeded at one in every 23 packs of Pinnacle’s flagship brand, the Christie Brinkley Collection cards are so bad they are actually good. From Greg Maddux about to pitch a golden baseball, to a maniac named Albert Belle playing nice with a small, white baby on his lap, these cards are priceless no matter what a price guide tells you.

The card below is #12 from the 16-card set and features a semi-shirtless Carlos Baerga showing off a heart tattoo (or drawing) on his chest. Baerga played in The Show for 14 seasons and finished his career with a respectable lifetime batting average just below .300.

You can check out Brinkley’s website HERE.


  1. I think the only card from the Brinkley collection I own is the Chipper Jones blowing a bubble… hillllllarious. I didn’t even know who Christy Brinkley was at the time – I figured she was friends with Walter Ioos of Upper Deck fame…

    This site brings back so many memories…

  2. I think with Baerga’s amazing physicial prowess displayed by taking his shirt off, we can honestly say there is enough evidence to scratch his name off any possible steroid list.

    Although if he is trying to do a great imitation of a Brooklyn plumber it is spot on.

    “Yo Baby! What chu doin?”

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