Last night, Chris Coghlan, a recently called-up rookie for the Florida Marlins hit his first career home run. On camera, you could see an adult catch the ball and then disappear. After some research by the Marlins staff it was discovered that the guy who caught the ball was a Zack Hample wanna-be douche bag who calls himself “The Happy Youngster”.

When interviewed on camera, the guy came off as a total sleeze ball and demanded game-used signed bats from Coghlan and Hanley Ramirez. It wasn’t until much later than the Marlins organization found out just what a piece of crap this “Happy Youngster” really is.

Source: Miami Herald’s Fish Bytes

Coghlan said the man demanded an autographed baseball by Coghlan, a personalized Coghlan bat, an autographed Ramirez bat and — to top it all off — tickets to the Yankees/Marlins series in South Florida in June. He also wanted his photograph taken with Coghlan, whose name the man mispronounced even though he pretended to be a fan by wearing a Marlins cap.