Testing out CheckOutMyCards.com

I have been visiting CheckOutMyCards.com since late 2007 and have always settled for eBay instead. I figured why create yet another online account when everything I need is on The Bay? Well, today I finally got my feet wet with Check Out My Cards and purchased 26 Jose Canseco cards I desperately wanted.

I spent $25.16 plus an addition $9.25 with shipping for a total of 26 cards I did not have. According to CheckOutMyCards.com, I saved 58% off book value or $34.04 dollars. The order was placed at 1 P.M Eastern Time on May 13th, 2009.

With over 1,000 different Canseco cards in my collection, it’s not everyday I get to add this many new cards so if everything works out it definitely is a great alternative to eBay and their ridiculous fees which seem to keep increasing with every month that goes by.

I will keep everyone updated on the transaction.

Website: CheckOutMyCards.Com



  1. I’ve scored some decent priced cards from there. However, the shipping and handling can ruin a “good deal”. I’ve happily loaded my cart on several occasions only to back out after having to pay some crazy shipping fee.

  2. My last blog was about my purchase there. I had a really good transaction with them. No issues, cards shipped reasonably and I got a confirmation email and everything. Some of the cards there are priced reasonably and the shipping was better than buying off eBay. It’s hard to buy singles on eBay sometimes. 99 cents plus 2.50 shipping, sorry can’t do that for cards that are barely worth a buck.

  3. I really liked COMC at first, but it seems like with my later orders, they have really dragged their feet in shipping them out to me, which is unacceptable when I pay their god-awful shipping rates. Shipping and handling PLUS a processing fee is a wee bit overkill to me.

  4. Hmm.. I’ve checked this out in the past looking for Strawberry’s that I didn’t have. I haven’t actually ordered anything, though their prices seemed reasonable. And like the commenter above said, I might be willing to pay a little more than a card is worth for something I don’t have (and can’t easily find any more), but I’m not paying a couple bucks shipping for it.

  5. comc was much better last year with their $25 cap on shipping…now with no cap, its very hard to justify buying low end cards

  6. I have done real good with Sports Lot instead of COMC. It is a little harder to search by player but the shipping is way lower.

    Also, it is hard to find on thier site but you can search by seller and save even more on shipping.

  7. Mario,

    I have used checkoutmycards at least four times. The benefit to me from this particular site is that it is easy, and often cost effective (price plus shipping), to pick up multiple singles of cards to fulfill a set like Goudey, Masterpieces, etc.

    In contrast, I think the ebay sellers often don’t have as many singles (thus shipping adds up quick when you deal with multiple sellers), charge too much for shipping themselves, or have higher prices when they know they have the bulk you are seeking (Burbank and others).

    If looking for higher end cards (like Captured on Canvas from Masterpieces or Sport Royalty from Goudey), checkoutmycards runs out of those quickly it has seemed to me, although I did get a lot of Sport Royalty there.

    I like the one stop shopping. Another good place is Dean’s Cards.

    However, if someone can explain what you can cost effectively sell on checkoutmycards, I’d like to learn that side. They charge 15 cents to scan, upload and list, plus 1 cent per month for storage, plus 20% if you take cash out rather than product back. They target cards that sell for more than $1.00 they told me. Still not sure how to cost effectively move lots of 2007/2008 Goudey and 2007/2008 Masterpieces singles from the past two years.

    If anyone out there wants to trade in bulk for those, I’d be interested in something like 2009 Goudey (which I do not plan to buy) or maybe 2009 Topps Heritage or older Topps Heritage (not sure what else to start).

  8. So Slowdog is the reason that the 08 Goudey SPs disappear so quickly on COMC. I was wondering who was getting those when I was dragging my feet…

  9. I did pick up several of the 2008 Goudey SPs there, including the super SPs. However, the cost to complete that set was absolutely ridiculous and something I will not be doing again for any brand. I happened to get hooked when I bought one box and got a Reggie Jackson Sport Royalty auto (ltd 50). Of course, I convinced myself that I should really go after this set. It is nice though. Nice chatting, your comment made me laugh.

  10. Check out my cards has been great for me. They had some cheap ’58 Topps I wanted for TTMING, and they also had a Freddy Sandoval Bowman GU Base Card from the top of the base. They seem to have a good selection and fast shipping. Good luck! 🙂

  11. I did exactly the last week, to test out the site.

    Just to add a little extra spice to the test, I am based in the United Kingdom, so I will also be able to report on how they handle international orders 🙂

  12. I just took a look at the site and ended up putting in an order. Seems like the store is great for getting lower-cost cards without paying a bunch on shipping for each one. Some of the prices are really good, as well.

  13. Check Out My Cards is a great site for ordering cards. The trick is to order cards over a period of time … a card here and there. After you build up an “inventory” of several cards … you can then ship them all in one shipment. It saves a boatload on the shipping cost. Of course, you may have to be a little patient … to get the largest benefit. I normally wait until I have 10 cards or so … and then place a shipment order. Give it a try … it’s pretty cool.

  14. the shipping really isnt that bad, if u go the 3-5 day route. then it’s only 25 cents a card..

  15. I’ve used them a ton of times and have no complaints so far. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $5 shipping on any order.

  16. I actually hadn’t heard of the site until today. I checked it out, put nine cards in my cart and was insulted at the result. I couldn’t justify paying $10 for eight commons and one game jersey of the no-namers I collect.

    If it were just $0.25 per card without the $3 for the first card, it would be great.

  17. From my experience, if you buy enough cards from this place at one time, it is a ton cheaper than ebay. The last purchase I made was a bunch of obscure current Royals and I bouhgt about 22 cards for about $25 dollars. I know that that doesn’t sound too great, but if I bought each one on ebay, it would have cost me about $3.00 a card (with s/h). COMC’s tends to charge more for S/H, but you get them all from one source. It would take a lot more time to search for cards from one store on ebay, in my opinion.

  18. I just found 20 cansecos i didn’t have at 800 that’s a challenge and for a buck a card with shipping that’s not a bad site.

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