Kevin Costner almost killed “The Streak”?

There is a wild rumor that began circulating in the late-90’s that involved legendary ball player, Cal Ripken Jr., his beautiful wife, Kelly, and movie star, Kevin Costner.

The rumor goes as follows: Cal Ripken Jr. was letting his buddy, film star Kevin Costner stay at his place following the shooting of the film, ‘The Postman’.

One day, after Ripken Jr. left for a game, he was forced to return home as he forgot something important. Upon arrival, he found his wife Kelly being Kevin’s personal body guard. Sorry, I had to sneak that one in there.

A fight ensued and depending on who you believe, Costner was beaten to a bloody pulp or somehow the 6 foot 1 Costner managed to send the 6’4″, 220 lbs. Ripken Jr. to the hospital, forcing him to miss the game versus the Mariners and ultimately ending the consecutive games streak.

On that night, the lights at Camden Yards mysteriously went out. Ultimately, the game was never played due to a blackout and Cal Ripken Jr.’s streak of consecutive games played was saved.


Either way, Kevin Costner actually has licensed Minor League baseball cards, if you consider Star Company a reputable product. Three different sets (two variations) of the Durham Bulls team set was produced in 1989 which featured Costner, along with real prospects like Steve Avery.

If you prefer a little more “new school”, you can find a worn shirt relic in 2008 Upper Deck ‘A Piece of History’, which sells for under $5 dollars in auction form whenever one pops up.

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  1. As a kind growing up in Baltimore at that time that was definately one of my favorite rumors. There was a version of that rumor that added the details of Ripken moving in with teammate and “very good friend” Brady Anderson. I’ll let you interpret “very good friend” as you like.

  2. According to the following link:
    In an interview with NPR (National Public Radio) Cal Ripken Jr. debunked one of the great urban legends that’s been floating around Baltimore for more than a decade: that Ripken’s consecutive-games streak nearly came to an end in 1997 because of a fight with actor Kevin Costner. < the NPR link of 4 Ripken interviews

  3. Earlier this year Costner helped bring a minor league franchise to Lake Co., IL.

    Chicago Tribune story here.

    One of the quotes in the story…

    “He (Costner) owns enough to coach third base but not enough to play it,” Ehrenreich (co-owner of the team) said.

    Now I’m just waiting for Waterworld II.

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