’09 Ballpark Collection shows promise

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Upper Deck made public a few images from 2009 Ballpark Collection today on their Facebook page. The base cards look a bit too much like last year’s edition and the rookie autographs look almost identical to the 2009 Spectrum of Stars autographs. Aside from that, Ballpark Collection looks like a promising release.

One insert that caught my eye instantly is the Career Legacy Triple which features game-used relics from every team a player has been on. Memo to Upper Deck, Reggie Jackson played with the Baltimore Orioles in 1976 and even led the league in slugging.

Alright, I don’t expect them to include every team a player has played on. I’d give anything to see Jose Canseco featured on the checklist but I am starting to think the Major League Player’s Association wants nothing to do with him, otherwise we would have seen him in something by now.

Now before you go and tell me Jose is very unpopular, try explaining how this ugly Donruss card (with a sticker autograph) sold for so high. Despite the overall perception, Jose is still incredibly popular in The Hobby and it’s only a matter of time before one of the big companies tries to capitalize on it.

As for the Career Legacy Triple cards, I’d love to see who else is featured.

22 thoughts on “’09 Ballpark Collection shows promise

  1. Good god, I’d love a NOlan Ryan with Mets/Angels/Astros. Or Angels/AStros/Rangers. Or …. hell, anything. 🙂

  2. I was one of the few who liked Ballpark last year. I’d love to see Maddux in that design.

  3. Its seems like they would do the right thing and put his photo’s in chronological order. I guess that would fall into the category of using your brain, and Upper Deck doesn’t fall into that category these days.

  4. On Beckett they showed a 4 piece all white swatch card. WTF four pieces and you can’t throw in some jazz? I imagine there are far more like that then the Jackson’s.

  5. That card above looks awesome! But that subset could be really great or terrible. If they put a Yellow for the A’s, Black for the Blue Jays, ect. It could be great. But if they go with all white on them, it could be total crap. We’ll see.

  6. Just bought a pack. Two base, 1 double and two quads. Ripken Jr and three other Orioles, and T Williams, M Schmidt, K Griffey Jr and F Robinson 12/15. Not bad. Will but another tomorrow.

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