Is this the “Holy Grail” of Ichiro cards?

As a young collector in the 90’s, I did everything in my power to avoid Upper Deck’s Collector’s Choice line. To me it was always a very poor man’s U.D. flagship that was not worth my money.

Then I found out about this extremely rare 1995 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Ichiro Suzuki. While there is no print run available and none have been sold recently on eBay, odds are someone has a few lying around in a 5,000 ct. box somewhere.

The reason? They were produced for members of the media and sports dignitaries to hand out as business cards for an N.B.A. series held in Japan. The card in near mint condition is valued at $1,000 dollars.

Good luck finding one!

6 thoughts on “Is this the “Holy Grail” of Ichiro cards?

  1. Joe

    I have only seen one of these and it had a $1,200 tag on it at the Chicago Sun Times show I went to last year. No takers but plenty of wishers.

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