Topps Finest (almost) perfect

I have seen a lot in the 16 years since the debut of Topps Finest.

From the introduction of seemingly dozens of new parallels to the over production of “game-used” relics and pack-inserted certified autographs; somehow Finest has always been above all those gimmicks.

Sure, it may have lost its “King of Chrome” title to Bowman and it’s likely now in third place behind Topps Chrome but to many collectors including yours truly, nothing beats bustin’ a box of Topps Finest.

This year, Topps almost hit a grand slam with Finest. If it weren’t for the inclusion of the overused manufactured patch, it could have been the perfect release of 2009. It also hurts that Topps went back to sticker autographs after the 2008 release featured mostly all on-card autographs.

Design-wise, Topps truly hit card board gold. If you don’t get a thrill from opening packs of 2009 Finest and seeing just how beautiful Refractors look all these years since their debut, you are probably close to the end of your collecting days.

Topps ruined Stadium Club in 2008, Upper Deck did the same with SPx in 2009. Look around, old man… Fleer and Pinnacle are long gone, while many favorite brands from Yesteryear have been discontinued. Topps Finest is the last of a dying breed among 90’s collectors who refuse to accept the latest “gimmick” of the times.

I for one know that as long as Finest is around, so is my love for collecting.

8 thoughts on “Topps Finest (almost) perfect

  1. All they needed were some embossed cards in this release and a 10 of 10 would be on the way : )

  2. Man, I cannot WAIT to bust into my box of Finest on Monday for BoBuBingo. I’ve been looking forward to this since I busted my first box of Finest last year. I don’t know what it is about ’em. They’re just so… SHINY!

  3. This is a “set-builder” edition and a strong improvement over last year’s set. Nice touch of putting a vertical swatch of the player’s team color on both sides of the card. The parallel refractor colors are very bright and attractive this year. It would be fun (but expensive) to build a set of the blue, green, or gold refractors. They are beautiful this year. I like, too, the trivia questions on the back of the cards. Unlike Mario, I like the patch autographed rookie cards. Much more attractive in person than the pictures show. Notice that the rookies are all high-numbered prospects according to Baseball America. I pulled a David Wright autograph Finest Moments. It was a surprisingly thick card and, again, more attractive in person than on the page. This edition competes with the 2007 set as the best Finest ever, in my opinion. Certainly the best set released this year and, from what I can tell, the best that is likely to be released.

  4. Mario, just in case Topps ever calls you out and doesn’t think you’re performing in the market — I wouldn’t have bought these suckers if not for your box-break.

    Alas, you lied to my face — there is one more thing that doesn’t make this product perfect. Ken Griffey Jr! Ken Griffey Jr.

    If you could explain to me how Topps could go out of their way to put Ken Griffey Jr. in a Mariners jersey on the card.. but leave the identification as KEN GRIFFEY JR. CHICAGO WHITE SOX.. blows my mind.

    I shall buy a box later this week, and if I get another ken griffey jr. heads will roll.

  5. I couldn’t understand the Griffey card either. Getting a picture of him in a Mariners jersey is the hard part. Poor quality control for it to still read Chicago White Sox. Love the set though. They did a great job with it this year.

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