The Incredibly Plummeting Beckett

In the last few hours I have received both comments and emails about one of Beckett Media’s latest blogs which might or might not poke fun at my announcement last night.

While there might be so irony in the timing of Mr. Hackler’s post title, I believe it was not intentional. If you want real irony, take a look at the video of Chris Olds bustin’ open packs of 2009 Fathead.

Anyway, this feud has gone on long enough. I have decided to play nice with Beckett Media from this moment on. In fact, I am prepared to share with you my secret for the very first time ever. I am going to teach you the Wax Heaven reader how to become a millionaire overnight. Are you ready?

Head over to your bank, mattress, or cookie jar (depending on what kind of stoner you are) and withdrawal $500 U.S dollars and buy as many 2009 Platinum Chrome Refractor Wal-Mart edition of Cal Ripken. On eBay, they sell for as little as .99 cents to as high as a whopping $5. Once you’ve accumulated about 450+ of them head over to your nearest card shop, buy a Beckett price guide and offer the shop owner Beckett’s price of $40 dollars for each card.

After you unload all 450 for $40 dollars (or just a bit less) you will be left with more than $15,000 dollars thanks to “The #1 Source”. Now head back to eBay and buy 1,000 of them for the going rate and do it over again. In no time you will be traveling the country buying up people’s collections like Mr. Mint.

You guys can all thank me later while we’re cruising the Atlantic in our yachts.

(H/T: The Achiever Blog)



  1. It’s almost like he is trying to look like the comic book store guy from the Simpsons. Maybe you could set it up so he takes on Canseco next week, I would be happy to pay for that one!

  2. that is awesome, Mario!

    It’s like the $50 value on the manufactured patch cards in $20 Wal Mart blasters of 2009 Topps
    Yep, that’s the value Beckett has on some of them.

  3. I obtained a Ted Williams when I bought a blaster at Wal-Mart and figured they weren’t worth crap anyway. I like the look of them, but they aren’t worth $40.

  4. I really like the looks of these cards and was disappointed the Walmarts in Toronto only carry 2008-9 Hockey Cards.

    They’re all in ONE cash-out aisle? Like you know where they normally put Candy Bars and Gum, and junk like that? That’s where the 20 Blasters of Hockey Cards sit. There’s also about 8 trillion retail packs massively scattered around.

    I am new here, but I tend to think that feuds are lame as hell. Pretty much anything can be solved over the course of 6 beers and one ball game.

  5. Nice Mario….very nice! Don’t forget you can sell them on craigslist for about 40x the book value!

  6. Nice post. Great illustration of the value of the printed price guide. I need to print this out and hand it to the next guy that says he has a box full of valuable rookie cards and wants me to buy them for top dollar.

  7. Same thing with the Wallmart Heritage edition that where 5 to a box last year. The Ichiro books for 25.00? I have like 15 of them, and last time I checked you could get them for shipping on Ebay.

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