10 thoughts on “More Topps vs. Upper Deck

  1. Thanks for the post – gee baseball cards have evolved and developed since the early 80s. Would anyone then have conceived of anything like this? I love the blog.

  2. beaverman3001

    I understand the point you are trying to make, but on the other hand for something such as a bat piece that large, how many designs can you really come up with?

  3. Joe

    I am still chasing those Stadium Club cards. If Upper Deck makes them a hard to find on the secondary. i.e. – people like to keep them, then UD has a winner on their hands.
    Stadium Club has a less cluttered design.
    And why does I before E except after C not work with their? Is Charlie Brown a liar?

  4. 2003 Stadium Club – three dollars a pack
    2008 Ultimate – one hundred dollars a pack
    Odds per dollar spent of pulling a crazy ass hit like that from either – diddley/squat
    Giving up on the mojo rat race and ripping a box of ’90 Fleer you bought for 5 bucks – priceless

  5. RoofGod

    I would say that the Stadium Club card is cooler. Mostly because I like the outline of the saw blade on the card it makes the bat barrel part of the card design and not just a big circle of wood.

  6. Jesse

    I like the first one a lot better (Stadium Club). The only thing I don’t like about it is the name is small and horizontal. But otherwise, the Stadium Club is flawless.

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