Upper Deck makes Facebook useful!

For the last couple of weeks, Upper Deck has been adding images of upcoming products on an almost daily basis to their new, global Facebook account.

Not only that, they have pretty much made Beckett Media’s stranglehold on new card-related information obsolete as pretty much anyone with a Facebook account can view images and even interact with Upper Deck executives.

You can view Upper Deck’s Facebook account HERE.

P.S – Twitter still sucks.

New image from 2009 Legendary Cuts

8 thoughts on “Upper Deck makes Facebook useful!

  1. Ok. You got me intrigued. Being a former NYer, the Carlo Gambino check/cut sig has got me drooling a little bit.

    Too bad they couldn’t make a Gotti/Castellano dual cut 🙂

  2. I’d be a fan but I don’t exactly want to scare off potential female “friends”.
    That said, it’s a nice promo page for collectors.

  3. I gotta admit that this is one thing Upper Deck has everyone else beat on. They do a good job with Facebook updates.

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