Chris Olds is a fan of Wax Heaven

Check out the latest issue of Beckett Magazine (or whatever it’s called).

In case you don’t recognize that “Seussian Pull”, it came straight from one of Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street features in early February and is just now making the rounds of Beckett Media for their latest issue.

Chris, feel free to browse the site if you need content for the next issue.

11 thoughts on “Chris Olds is a fan of Wax Heaven

  1. That’s interesting. I used to go to those batting cages awhile back. I knew they had cards but I think they’re Red Sox fans over there so I never really paid much attention. Maybe time to visit the cages again.

  2. Well Mario, I support you most of the time, but I think you made a misstep with this post. Magazines go to print very early and it all depended on when Shane sent in his submission to Beckett. Wax Heaven can post anything immediately, but a print magazine has to wait. I assume this magazine went to print roughly 3-4 weeks ago, which is just about a month after your report.

  3. Harner, thanks for the support. It’s all done in fun.

    On the other hand, Shane didn’t send in a submission to Beckett, he was contacted about it.

  4. I think what’s most underhanded is the way Beckett made it look like Shane had contacted them, and not vice versa. The way it’s presented, it looks like Shane wrote in. Which is why my first thought aligned with Harner’s comment. Knowing Beckett contacted Shane changes the whole context of the whole situation.

  5. Beckett and all of the bloggers need to do a better job of reading other blogs. It’s happened too many times the last few months. If we want to call Beckett out when they do it (as we should), then all of us bloggers have to do a better job ourselves. We should all download and use an RSS.

  6. Mario & Wax Heaven had the exclusive. I always send Mario scans of my box breaks from each Friday, thats part of my Man on the Street…
    I am good friends with a guy that knows some of the Beckett staff. He saw the Seuss pulled and ask Beckett to contact me. I then sent along the information and a scan for possible publication.
    Because the post was here first and a “Man on the Street-Wax Heaven” exclusive thats why the fun is being poked at the magazine. There is no intention of being malicous on my part (and I am sure not on Mario’s part either). We all know that it takes much longer for the magazine to be set up, printed, etc.
    The reason we love our blog sites like Wax Heaven, Bad Wax, etc. is because they are instant news and always changing.
    The caption that appears with the card scan is part of what I wrote in the email text to Chris. Beckett didn’t edit much of it and basically condensed it to a short version.
    It is nice that I (my card) appeared in Beckett. I am also happy that I could help my shop owner to a little free advertising. Plus when I take the Seuss to the National to unload it in July, I can say it was featured in Beckett and on Wax Heaven.

    Later All,
    Submarine Shane – The Man on the Street

  7. “Chris should have given Wax Heaven credit. That’s just responsible journalism.”

    yep, it’s unethical

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