Introducing ‘The Big Hit’

While most companies today are now working with bloggers instead of against, none of them have done much in the way of promoting their product shortly before release. For example,  Wax Heaven did a product preview of 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History way back in December and we collectors have not seen any new images since then.

Speaking of A Piece of History, it’s been live for a couple of days and while the overall blogger consensus is not a good one, there are still a couple of “hits” in the product that may be tempting enough to buy a box or two. On eBay, the boxes are selling for well under $70 dollars, with the lowest price being $63.00.

As for the biggest “hit” so far, it’s a tie between a David Price sticker autograph and a piece of memorabilia worn by none other than Bruce Lee. The Price autograph showed up as soon as cards from the product began appearing on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $500 dollars but sold for an even $100.

Two different Lee relics have sold recently; one for an even $50 and the one pictured below grabbed $99.99. As for a more unrealistic big “hit”, someone pulled a redemption for a DNA hair card and listed it for $6,000 dollars but ultimately settled on a grand.

You can see the completed auction, along with a list of the hair checklist HERE.

6 thoughts on “Introducing ‘The Big Hit’

  1. I’m predicting the hobby box price will drop like a rock just as the ’08 release did. And you know, at $34-39.95 a box, its not a bad break.

  2. I like David Price cards, but that is one ugly David Price card. Let’s see – we’ve got an ugly purple design, a horrible photo from Spring Training 2008, and poor placement of the autograph sticker. It’s almost like Upper Deck is intentionally trying to put out crappy cards this year!

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