Man on the Street – The Finale

For the past few months, Shane from Wax Heaven’s ‘Man on the Street’ series has been busting “high-end” wax like it was going out of style and doing it for the readers of the site to show what a normal, non-Beckett box break really yields.

Unfortunately, all great things come to an end and Shane has decided to leave The Hobby to pursue his passion and previous career of professional photography. Of course, you knew that Shane would make his final contribution count and he did so by purchasing an entire case of 2009 Breygent Classic Vintage Movie Posters.

As you can see from the scans, along with the cut signature of James Stewart, Shane pulled a couple of Babe Ruth memorabilia relics and some very nice Bruce Lee worn-relics, along with many other “hits”.

Each case of Breygent includes 12 boxes, serial numbered to 3,000 with 24 packs per box. Dave & Adam’s Card World lists the boxes at $63 dollars each but curiously has no cases available.

I want to thank Shane for helping collectors see just what’s inside those ridiculously priced boxes that only a few can afford to bust in these times. Also, I wish him success in his business. I have held back one ‘Man on the Street’ segment which I plan to post for a rainy day.

For full-size scans, click on the thumbnails.

3 thoughts on “Man on the Street – The Finale

  1. I was thinking of buying a box of this. It seems like a fun break and the Bruce Lee is awesome. But the memorabilia pieces are tiny. Still on the fence.

  2. That is the smallest piece of bat I have ever seen. I always wondered when someone would make a card that is the recycled wood from cutting up Babe Ruth bats.

  3. I wonder what those bat slices will sell for any guesses? It’s probably the only one i could afford.

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