Goodbye Dallas McPherson

I heard the rumors for a couple of days now that Wax Heaven favorite, Dallas McPherson was going to be traded. While it was a tough pill to swallow, I never once expected him to be flat out released by our ball club.

I have written quite a bit on Dallas, a Ruthian-like slugger who only flashed that power in the Minors. Today, despite hitting more home runs in the Minors in 2008 than anyone else, Dallas is unemployed.

Tatiana and I met McPherson during the 2008 Marlins Fan Fest. I hadn’t watched baseball in five years and had no idea who he or anyone else besides Luis Gonzalez was. Thankfully, Dallas was gracious and friendly and posed for the awesome photo you see below.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to see Dallas in action, get several of his autographs, and continuously root for the underdog. I don’t know if Dallas, who is knocking on 30’s door will ever truly reach his potential but it was an honor to follow his career in South Florida.

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6 thoughts on “Goodbye Dallas McPherson

  1. Hey Mario, Do you recall me asking your advice on him because I had drafted him to my fantasy baseball team? It’s a bummer to see him go. Seemed like he had potential.

  2. It sucks that he never really got a chance… You could see his frustration throughout the Spring but I thought he would be ‘showcased’ in hopes of finding a team that would trade for him….

    At least we now know what our infield will look like on Opening Day!!!

  3. I hope the dodgers sign him and send him to Triple-A – I’d love to watch him jack ’em out of the The Lab again.

    I don’t know what the Dodgers look like at the minor league level (since this is the first season of the new Dodgers affiliation in Albuquerque) so I don’t know yet how feasible that is to see Dallas here again.

  4. I saw Dallas “No Fear” McPherson at Texas League All-Star game. I, too, thought he’s gonna be the next big thing. With his back injury and getting dumped around he’s became “What if” storyline. Hopefully he catches on to another team and his career will have a happy ending. He deserves it.

  5. The Marlins never really gave Dallas a chance, last year or this. He should have been a natural for a team needing left handed power. He has always been a slow starter in spring but this year he would play then sit for 3 games. Marlins showcased Gabby Hernandez for obvious reasons and it showed that he had never played above AA. Dallas may have a shot with the Yankees but that will only last until A Rod returns. Good showcase though.

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