Razor continues to impress

While card show attendance and sales in general for trading cards continue in a downward spiral, Razor Entertainment once again has shaken up the Hobby with the announcement of a new product, titled ‘Razor Inkworks Archives’.

In case you missed it (Beckett Media sure did), Ryan Cracknell of the fabulously well-written ‘Trader Crack’s’ broke the news that Inkworks was shutting its doors. Rather than see these cards back doored as was the rumor during the demise of Pinnacle Brands, Brian Gray of Razor purchased the “archives” and has begun putting together ‘Razor Ink Archives’

I spoke with Brian this afternoon and he told me the SRP for ‘Archives’ will be between $15-20 dollars per pack with each Hobby box containing five packs. The autographs will be from almost all of Inkworks’ releases, including a unique, on-card autograph of the late actor, John Ritter.

Brian could not verify if Inkworks’ “Holy Grail”, an on-card Angelina Jolie autograph was in the inventory he purchased but if it turns out it’s not, he will be looking to purchase a few to insert into the product. Currently, the only Jolie Inkworks autograph on eBay has an asking price of $650 dollars.



  1. Just beware – for every Angelina, Evangeline (Lilly of Lost), Jennifer Garner, there’s bound to be many ,many “common” signatures of much smaller stars – and I’m not even talking of the “small-but-cool” caliber found in UD Spectrum.

    But as I posted, Razor giving non-sport exposure to sport collectors can’t be all bad, even if the market’s going to get flooded with almost 18,000 Inkworks autographs.

    From what I can see, there’s at least two more dealers on eBay who have a piece of the Inkworks “archives.” So there’s going to be A LOT of Inkworks stuff in the mix for a while. That could mean your beloved Angelina could come down a bit in price should a few be kicking around.

  2. I don’t know if I’ll buy any of Razor’s product (the chances are better if the price comes in at the $15 a pack level), but it would be nice to see the Inkworks autograph prices drop a bit. I could never quite figure out why so many of the “commons” I was interested in were selling for $25-$35 every time I looked at them on eBay.

  3. I see that this is a post that fulfills the “pop culture” in the subhead of WaxHeaven. Just wanted to point that out to anyone that would think to whine that this not a thread strictly about baseball cards.

    I do applaud Razor for acquiring inventory and re-packaging it for distribution. Hopefully they will learn what went right and what went wrong with the acquisition and eventual liquidation of Fleer by Upper Deck.

    However, if they really want to screw this up, they can start hacking up the autographed items and sticking them in more shakedown-price Franken-card sets.

    I am encouraged with the reasonable targets for pack prices with this product. I like Razor’s experimental attitude in the hobby. I just wish they would think through their execution a great deal more. Hopefully, the Inkworks asset buyout is an opportunity Razor will take to enhance their reputations through action. This hobby is nothing if not filled with talk, and we all know how much that’s worth.

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