RIP: George Kell, 86

24 03 2009


Hall of Fame third baseman and longtime broadcaster George Kell has died at 86. A funeral home in Newport, Ark. said he died Tuesday”

Kell has several certified autographs in brands like Triple Threads, Sweet Spot, and even Topps Heritage. The completed prices on those were from $20+ to no higher than $40 with several releases selling for well below $20 dollars.

It will be interesting to see if his items see a boost, even if only temporary, due to his death.

You can view George Kell’s Hall of Fame stats HERE.




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24 03 2009
Grand Cards

The Detroit Free Press has a particularly good writeup about him that is worth reading:

24 03 2009

What will be more interesting is to see the quatinty of listings go up as the eBay vultures come out.

24 03 2009
24 03 2009
JRJ @ SportsLocker

I was fortunate enough to meet him once – great person.

24 03 2009
the sewingmachineguy

The guy never struck out more than 37 times in a season. Brandon Inge should have taken a hitting lesson from Kell.

24 03 2009

Here is a memorial I created for George. Please visit and leave a message


24 03 2009


25 03 2009
Eric E

R.I.P George Kell. funny story one time, i was at the local card store for the monthly auction right. so i get this george kell card out of a UD product called greats of the game i think. so i say george keff instead of kell cause those cards are so hard to read! but it was a funny moment, i can’t believe he is dead. i will hold on to that card forever.

26 03 2009

Kell was a great TTM signed. I got three cards signed by him — I told him to wkeep two and return one — all with an HOF inscription. I’ve been meaning to post themon my blog, but I’m in hibernation mode. I’ll explain later.

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