Donruss has struck Cardboard Gold!

Make no mistake, I still dislike almost every single baseball product Donruss produced in 2008 but one set they continue to improve on is Donruss Americana.

By now, you either loathe celebrity trading cards or can’t get enough of them. I have quietly mentioned on Wax Heaven (for fear of persecution) that Upper Deck’s Spectrum celebrity checklist is absolutely awesome and it looks like 2009 Americana will be taking it to the next level with this quad autograph featuring all four stars of the legendary Fox sitcom, ‘Married… with Children’.

I will have a product preview for 2009 Donruss Americana later tonight followed by HUGE news for fans of the original G1 Transformers and collectors of trading cards.

For now, enjoy the card below… and more images on Panini Digital’s website.

9 thoughts on “Donruss has struck Cardboard Gold!

  1. The only thing that would make that card better is if the picture of them, they were in character. I loved that show growing up.

  2. That quad is pretty sweet, wish it was pictures of them playing their character but none the less its still awesome the way it is. Wonder what the odds on quads like that will be though?

  3. Oh that is awwwwwesome. The only Katie Sagal auto I’d like better than that is a triple with Billy West and John DiMaggio.

  4. Ha! Americana directed by Italians. Well, things could be worse. I’ll wait until they start integrating cut signatures of Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone and Maria Montessori.

    I think James Caan might have an issue with being labeled a “common signature.”

  5. @dayf…Futurama fan? I would love to see that triple auto also, or even in character form of Fry, Leela, and Bender.

  6. Why would anyone persecute you for thinking the Spectrum of Stars checklist is awesome? It is. Probably half of the set is at least worthwhile, and there are a couple of big names. And besides, who wouldn’t want an auto of The freakin’ Genius, Lanny Poffo! The Genius = instant cred

    What more can I say about this though than I completely and totally agree with dayf? Nothing, that’s what.

  7. The only reason I dont like sets like Spectrum or Americana is one of my “hits” is a non basball player. I want my baseball cards to have baseball players on them. I think it’s cool they offer these sets because it offers some variety, but I will stick with the BB only checklist.
    By the way, I enjoy your site and the passion you put into your comments.

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