The worst card of 2009?

Take a look at this “1 of 1” Nolan Ryan autograph from 2009 Topps.

Despite Topps’ flagship putting out a great product with beautiful inserts and awesome cut signatures, it’s this kind of card that derails whatever good faith they have built up with collectors in 2009.

This card is up for sale on eBay with a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $300 dollars but for half the price you could of picked up a 2008 Masterpieces on-card autograph.

This blatant disregard for design and collectors is exactly what inspired my ‘Self-Destruction of the Card Industry’ post. Can you imagine paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars hoping to find a “pull of a lifetime” and instead you get this monstrosity with a leftover sticker someone forgot to use in Co-Signers?

Oh, did I mention that the “Ryan Express” is a fan of the autopen?

30 thoughts on “The worst card of 2009?

  1. That shit is wrong on so many levels! You can’t make a cut sig out of an auto sticker . Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

  2. Wow, that just sucks! I didn’t think anything could be worse than Razor’s cut autos, but Upper Deck just proved me wrong here! Well on the bright side… there’s only one.

  3. What an ugly card and what a lazy design. If you have to use the stupid stickers, at least incorporate them into the design somehow, and lets see the damn player as well! Funny thing is, I like the border on this card and I think it could have been something nice if Topps had wanted it to be. Obviously, they didn’t.

    Seriously, why half-ass ANY card that you put out?

  4. After seeing that, I am out of buying any boxes. The idea that you can make a sticker autograph a 1/1 is just one more reason that card companies don’t give a shit about the product anymore. They needed a Ryan autograph and instead of sending him anything to sign, they just grab a sticker. Come on. That’s fucking weak.

  5. I don’t have an issue with the sticker, but where’s the photo of Nolan? Why make a card with all that white space just to stick a tiny sticker on it?

  6. Topps is putting the nails in their own coffin with this crap. They think that their shit doesn’t stink, and to the contrary, their shit wreaks to high Heaven. They don’t realize they are pushing collector’s out the door, and that money won’t be coming back. How can Topps expect people to drop $70 for a product where the big “hit” is a 1/1 sticker of an oversigning pitcher, and then ask the same people to spend $200 for a single pack of Sterling with 98% less cards per box and the same weak ass autograph?

    Maybe Panini should muscle in on baseball too…

  7. That’s one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. This just reaffirms why I’ve stopped buying packs and boxes.

    What’s especially sad is that you could have one like this , or several others for $50 bucks or less.

  8. What an amazingly bad card. The borders are very nice, but a complete waste with an ill sized shiny out of place sticker, and a lot of empty space.

  9. Everybody has missed the point right here, this is actually a step forward in card design, make your own auto card, UD provides you with this amazing sport celebrity signature and you do the rest. This is the new Legendary Cuts version but this time you cut your favorite Nolan Ryan’s card and with the help of super glue you have an amazing customized auto card……..sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!

  10. My first thought was this had to be a Razor card that stole a sticker from Topps.

    How in the world did this idea make it? Not one person at Topps saw this as a really stupid idea?

  11. I see this as further evidence of how “low numbered hits” obsession has hurt the hobby. Every pdt must have hits, pointless color parallels, SP, autos, GU, 1/1…as long as it is getting launched it needs all these if not its going to crash and fail miserably. This card just goes to show that companies are literally forcing in all that was mentioned above, rinse and repeat 17 times and we will call it a year. Remember a time in the 90s when a Griffey Finest Gold is worth a few hundred bucks and its now BOOKS for 10? I think someday the same faith awaits the auto/gamer/# cards.

  12. Dear Topps,

    What a crappy and lazy excuse for a baseball card.

    Tristar Signa Cuts

  13. Maybe it was bring your kid day at Topps the day that one got thought up?
    Ya know how much kids like stickers…..

  14. Son of a bitch …

    After looking at that autopen link, Im starting to wonder about the authenticity of my pack-pulled 1999 Greats of the Game Nolan Ryan. It looks EXACTLY like the auto pens …

  15. Mario also posted that silly looking Thurman Munson Cut Signature. It was from the same Topps product and same line. I will say that the 8 different Legends Cuts from 2009 Topps Series One that I have seen (out of the possible 25) have been very nice. I was very happy with the Dr. Seuss I pulled and I have tracked seven others and they have looked nothing like the player cuts. All have been nice large signatures and well centered in the cards.

    I can not understand how you can make one batch of cards look so good and the other look so awful.

    Later All,
    Submarine Shane- Man on the Street

  16. There should be 4 different “1 of 1″‘s: this card, one where the sticker is upside down, another one where it’s pointing to the right and another where it’s pointing to the left.

    Where can I send my resume, Topps?

  17. When I saw the picture of the auto I automatically said AUTO PEN. What a rip off, who would buy that for 300 bucks….

  18. R.I.P. Topps…… R.I.P.

    For it was a truly great day for everyone to see
    This glourious card pulled from a pack by me

    My eyes light up with vertigo as I saw the 1/1 on top
    However like Topps Milestones 99 versions of 1/1 to flop

    All I can say is “MOJO” in my deepest thought
    To EBAY with this card surely it will be bought

    Here it is six months later Topps will then say,
    “Your Nolan is autopenned. Here is a Brad Hand replacement- have a nice day”!

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