In one Spectrum, out the other

Two weeks ago I received an email from a reader named Jay who bought a box of 2007 SP Rookie Edition and pulled an ultra-rare Tim Lincecum autograph. Not being able to find any information on the card, Jay began to wonder of its origin and asked if I could talk to Upper Deck about it.

Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin was kind enough to respond to my inquiry and confirmed that it was a short-print autograph but not before Jay got involved in perhaps the biggest, most-bizzare blog flame war since the days of Wax Heaven vs. Pack Searcher.

Jay is looking to start fresh with a clean slate and has begun his own blog, titled ‘The Mojo Hand’. Today, Jay sent over a small package as a thank you for Wax Heaven remaining neutral in the blog wars. Inside it, among other cards was a 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum autograph of Andrew Miller which could not come at a better time. Last night I lost out (by a few dollars) on a autograph/jersey of Miller from 2009 Spectrum.

This brings my collection up to 123 different cards and counting. You can see a full list here and the entire collection scanned one by one here. If you by chance have a card that I need, stay tuned for the upcoming basketball and football breaks which won’t all go to Directory members. If you can find one autograph that I need, I will trade it for the entire box’s contents. Email me first, though to work out a trade.

6 thoughts on “In one Spectrum, out the other

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  1. Long time lurker and reader hear. Just wondering how do you store all those cards in your Andrew Miller Collection???

  2. Nice card. I realize that my collection of Barry Larkin cards pales in comparison to so many other people’s collections of their favorite players!

  3. Chris,

    I have been collecting Jose Canseco for 20 years and my collection is pathetic when compared to those big spenders. I have just one autograph and a dozen game-used relics. It kinda sucks but it does make me appreciate every new card I find.

    Good luck with the Larkin collection.

  4. That’s gotta make you happy to know that there will be Andrew Miller stuff in the ’09 product to chase. One of my local shops just got Spectrum in; I’ll check and see if he busted any, and by chance pulled that Miller.

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