You Be the Judge! – T-51 Murad

Every so often a product comes out from another sport that makes me second guess my decision to collect nothing but baseball cards. That was the case last year with 2008-’09 Fleer Ultra hockey and now it can be said about Topps Murad.

Looking back at all the retro-themed wax I have busted over the years (A & G, Heritage, Topps ’52, etc.) I can honestly say this is without a doubt the absolute best of the best. I am in no way a basketball fan but Topps has managed to put together a set that makes every single card valuable in a true collector’s eye.

Perhaps the most impressive feat of 2008-’09 T-51 is that Topps decided for whatever reason to use the best photography on their checklists. Not only that but they are also twice as thick as the base cards which gives them a very “premium” feel to what is usually a throwaway card with any other brand.

As for the “hits”: I pulled a Magic Johnson autograph which is unfortunately a sticker. The thing is, you’d never know as Topps has used a clear label for once. I also received a nice blue game-used memorabilia and a very neat silk card #’d to 25.

Wax Heaven’s Man on the Street busted a box of this too, which he paid for at his local hobby shop. You can view his results HERE.

Having received a sneak peek into 2009 Allen & Ginter yesterday I can honestly say with true disappointment that it comes nowhere near being as elegant and beautiful at T-51 Murad.

Of course, this is just one man’s opinion. It’s up to you to decide if T-51 makes the grade. That is what ‘You Be the Judge’ is all about. Has Topps struck gold in basketball with Murad or have you grown tired of retro-themed trading cards?

18 thoughts on “You Be the Judge! – T-51 Murad

  1. Really great looking set. I was watching Chris from Stalegum do the break and although I don collect basketball I found myself stayin tuned throughout the vid. Is the 09 Allen and Ginter going to look exactly the same as 07 and 08? My gut feeling is yes to that.

  2. that’s a nice looking set. Too bad I don’t collect basketball cards.
    I would still treasure that Magic auto, though.

  3. Nice design. I’d consider collecting this set and I don’t even collect basketball cards! I’d love to see Topps do this same series for baseball too.

  4. Nice pulls Mario. The Magic auto is sweet. I really enjoy the retro cards personally. I actually collect more football and basketball cards than baseball so this is right up my alley. I am currently collecting Topps Mayo Football and will probably buy a little Murad also. I think the cards look great.

    I will try to come up with some ideas for the contest as well.

  5. mario, thats a sweet cousy card. i looked at the murad box in the local hobby shop. it does no justice to how great these cards look!

  6. Wow, nice pulls. Topps must have sent you a loaded box!!!111!

    I busted a box of this Monday since I’m a sucker for retro stuff and love basketball. I love the set. It looks great and the colors just pop off of the cards. The Celtics cards look especially good in this set, but that might just be my bias seeping in. I hate chasing SPs in set and it’s annoying as heck that you can’t tell the variations from the base cards just by looking at them, but I’m still going to try and put a set together.

    I’ll have to make sure I get my box break up tonight. My pulls weren’t anywhere as sweet as yours though.

  7. I am a BIG fan of these retro sets that Topps has decided to produce (and the “painted look”…think Masterpieces) . I decided to start collecting the Murad set and ordered a box last night. From what I have seen online, I should not be disappointed.

  8. “Magic” is an amazing pull, Mario! As for the set it’s self, I prefer the look of UD Masterpieces. These look like they tried and failed to reproduce a similar look. They are decent, but I wouldn’t go out an buy a box of these personally.

  9. Wow that set really looks beautiful…

    Are you going to be giving away the Speights?? As a huge sixers fan, I almost like that card better than the Magic (Alllllllmost).

  10. Bravo to Topps! Although going to ancient history for design ideas is not novel at this point, I do have to give Topps compliments on execution. Classy, handsome card set that the NBA barely deserves to get.

    Too bad that this set appears to be a one-off at this point, depending upon what Panini decides to do.

  11. Sweet box Mario. I bought a pack myself of this, but it didn’t have anything special. The design is great and that Magic auto is unbelievable. Great Job!

  12. I bought a pack of this stuff tonight at Target. It’s one of the strangest sets I’ve ever seen, down to the typeface used on the backs of the cards. I haven’t made a concerted effort to collect anything basketball-related since 1992, but I have a bad feeling it won’t be the last pack I buy of this stuff.

    I’m still hoping to get Blazers cards if you’re giving this all away, by the way. Just wanted to put that out there.

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