A “Magic” contest for April

What better way to thank the readers than by giving them the chance to win my second-best pull ever since returning to the Hobby in mid-2007. That’s right, coming in April around the time “The #1 source” will be giving away a 2009 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. autographed buyback I will give away this 2008-’09 Topps T-51 Murad Magic Johnson certified autograph to a lucky reader of Wax Heaven.

Ok so it’s not a $4,000 card like the Griffey Jr. but it does feature a player who transcended sports and became a pop culture icon similar to athletes like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Derek Jeter. “Magic” also entered the Hall of Fame in 2002.

Since we have some time before April I’d love to hear suggestions on how to give away this card. I’d like to do something a little more clever than a random.org drawing. If you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment.

Stay tuned…

31 thoughts on “A “Magic” contest for April

  1. $1 raffle – one ticket limit per person? πŸ˜‰

    If it’s going to be a free chance, I think random.org is probably best because I don’t know how you’d choose one entry if you had each entrant try to write up something sportscard related.

  2. How about doing something in the style of a game show like “millionaire” or family feud style or something along those lines. I would be willing to help out with a concept.

  3. Rather than a random draw, why not have everyone pick a number and then use that site to pick a random number? (or can it do that?)

  4. Because it is March, why not make a Wax Heaven NCAA Bracket on Yahoo! and the winner takes the Magic!!

  5. Only Dominican citizens, named Edwin, age 30, will be able to participate in the contest.
    What about that?

    No essays please!! I beg you!!!

  6. – Best A’Roid Haiku Contest
    – Most Outrageous email to Beckett (cc Wax Heaven on the email)
    -Wax Heaven t-shirt design contest. Winner gets the card, you get the t-shirts made for people to order.
    -Best picture of someone holding a WaxHeaven sign in a public place (hockey game scoreboard, large crowd, college basketball game, etc)

  7. How about the Magic Johnson goes to the Wax Heaven Man on the Street, or the guy that makes a photoshop-fake-Razor Cut-of Chris Olds….wait, I did that…so I win….haha.

    I do like the sign idea above. I just think that is a neat idea anyway. Folks could take pictures at various and strange locations holding a cool Wax Heaven sign….JRJ, that is a really cool thought.

    Off to the money pit….wish me luck.

    Man on the Street- Submarine Shane

  8. I honestly think that the card should go to a basketball who would really appreciate it (and not just sell it) and is a reader of Wax Heaven. How to accomplish the first part, I don’t really know. The second part could be accomplished by asking a simple question with a clear answer… who your favorite baseball player is, for example.

  9. I’ll say either the NCAA Pool or creating a sign ideas are the two best. Though if the sign idea wins remember some of us will have to do this in a smaller crowd due to the size of the city they might live in or nearby….

  10. Mario I aggree March madness sucks! I suggest that you dont do a trivia because this is the internet, and people will cheat with google!

  11. Awesome card, even though the signature is cut off. I lost interest in basketball when Magic retired. Is the card in some kind of holder?

  12. For the haiku or limericks, Mario could choose the finalists, and then maybe put the winner up to a vote? Or vice-versa–voters pick the finalists, and Mario (or Tatiana) pick the winner.

  13. Mario,

    Why don’t you consider selling it and using the proceeds, whatever they come to, to buy a box of something that you’ll enjoy. That will provide you some more content as well as stuff you can give away to the directory.

    Just a thought.

  14. Why not do a “hit streak” contest, everyone picks 1 batter per night. If your guy gets a hit, you move on to the next day. If not, you’re out. Last one left wins the card. Kind of like a football suicide pool.

  15. i like trivia questions, or how about who ever advertises your site the most! that would give me a really good chance! lol.

  16. one more idea I had – photoshop a card contest. Find a card design you like, find an image of the player from the net, and photoshop them together into a card that never was.

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