Baseball Card Commandment #2

24 02 2009

“Thou shall not make baseball cards from press conferences”

I know competition is fierce but sometimes it’s better to let the other company be first rather than put out a horrible product. Case in point, Topps with the very first Manny Ramirez card in a Dodgers uniform. It failed miserably.

Unless the player is a media whore like Curt Schilling for example, he is just going to look uncomfortable and out of place. Who knows what behind the scenes conflict the player is going through at the moment? Just wait till Spring Training and put out the best possible card rather than worry about being first.

This is a direct response to Upper Deck’s first Ken Griffey Jr./Mariners card that is being released in Hobby shops and in 2009 ‘A Piece of History’.

If anyone notices a Griffey Jr. press conference card missing, leave a comment.




11 responses

24 02 2009
Eric Slette

I must be in the minority – I really like that Finest card of him smiling with his Reds jersey. I wish they hadn’t covered up the Reds logo with the Reds logo on the card, however.

24 02 2009

1) hideous
2) at least he’s smiling
3) disgusting
4) blecch
5) atrocious

“I should be counting my money, not dealing with these media peasants”

24 02 2009

The cartoon moose card looks awesome. The press conference card……blarg.

24 02 2009

I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I do like press conference photos on baseball cards… if it gets them out faster, saves me from a photoshopped fake job & makes the player look like he’s happy to be joining his new team.

The Ovation card is great, the Finest one is passable and the others should be run through the shredder.

25 02 2009

I think Jr could have at least shaved.

Mario, what is the first commandment, must have missed it somewhere along the line.

25 02 2009
25 02 2009

That jogged the memory, I am anxious to see the next 8. Or will there be more.

“The Lord has given me these 15 commandments. (Crash) 10 commandments”
Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1

25 02 2009

I gotta say, the 88-89 Topps Wayne Gretzky Kings card was pretty sweet and that was from a press conference.

pic of card

25 02 2009

They need to make a set of press conference used Jersey cards!

25 02 2009

Oh Danny don’t give them any more ideas. that would be horrible IMO.

26 02 2009

I know I was just joking. 😀

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