Baseball card or senior portrait?

The way you look on your rookie card says a lot about you.

For example, take Jose Canseco’s 1986 Topps Traded release. On that card you see a young, pre-Steroid kid with a look of a 50-year old Ted Williams after being asked for an autograph. Clearly Jose knew that he was headed for superstar status even if he still didn’t have the full package just yet (175 lbs. in ’85).

Just by looking at the stats on the back of Ricky Ledee’s 1997 Bowman Chrome rookie card you’d think this kid was headed for the Hall of Fame. In 1996, while playing in the Minors, Ledee hit .305 with 29 home runs and 101 RBI. All you have to do is dig a little deeper on his card’s back to see what the real story was.

“Spent 3 years in rookie leagues, 3 more in A-ball.”

As it turns out, Ricky had been in the Minors since 1991. In fact, his Minor League career consists of 782 games split between 12 seasons. He did however play in the Majors for a decade or 855 games. His last year came in 2007 with the New York Mets before being released and ultimately retiring.

He may not have the accolades of other New York greats but he’s got two World Series rings and has hit a home run in the now deceased Yankee Stadium. Really, that’s 99% of every young man’s dream growing up.

Not bad for the guy with the cheesiest rookie card ever produced.

4 thoughts on “Baseball card or senior portrait?

  1. I think that Mariano Rivera also has one of the cheesiest rookie cards out there via his 1992 Bowman card.

  2. What’s Next– after cut autos, DNA cards, hair samples??? I figured it out! You will get a blood sample on a card. Its actually a redemption card- you mail it in and its tested for HGH and Steroids. Then you get a certified lab report of what drug/drugs the player was on! There could be one for all 104 people on the steroid list!

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