First look: 2009 Bowman

Below are the very first images of 2009 Bowman baseball.

Product details:

Every autograph is on-card

(1) autograph per Hobby box

(3) autographs per Jumbo box

220 cards in set


Rookie Base Card Variations
221 Luke Montz
222 Kila Ka’aihue
223 Conor Gillaspie
224 Aaron Cunningham
225 Mat Gamel
226 Matt Antonelli
227 Robert Parnell
228 Jose Mijares
229 Josh Geer
230 Shairon Martis

Autographed Bowman Chrome Prospects:

BCP111 Beamer Weems
BCP112 Logan Morrison
BCP113 Greg Halman
BCP114 Logan Forsythe
BCP115 Lance Lynn
BCP116 Javier Rodriguez
BCP117 Josh Lindblom
BCP118 Blake Tekotte
BCP119 Johnny Giavotella
BCP120 Jason Knapp
BCP121 Charlie Blackmon
BCP122 David Hernandez
BCP123 Adam Moore
BCP124 Polin Trinidad
BCP125 Jay Austin

31 thoughts on “First look: 2009 Bowman

  1. The HUGE WHITE SPACE for the autos looks retarded.

    Joe, the prospect autos are always Chromes.

    The chrome prospects looked waaayyy better last year. Why would they change to this boring plain-ass square design?

    And hasn’t Topps already learned their lesson with putting black borders around cards?

    I opened 100’s of packs of Bowman last year, and this looks like crap compared to 2008.

    Add this to the list of releases I don’t give a crap about, along with every other 2009 release I’ve seen so far.

  2. I’ll buy a jumbo….I guess. I would like a complete border overhaul for Bowman though.

  3. Charlie, thanks for linking this post on the Razor forum. You could get a lifetime ban for not posting a Razor-related post.

    Watch yourself! 🙂

  4. Ugly and pointless….looks just like every other Bowman release of the past fifteen years.

  5. I will do the set to ahve all the prospects, but I don’t like the border and there’s too much of it.

  6. Agreed on the border. With that and all the whitespace, only half the card ends up being photo.

  7. N-A-S-T-Y.

    Those look like a hybrid of 2008 Bowman and Upper Deck Sweet Spot signatures.

    This could be the first time in a long time that I do not buy Bowman.

  8. Just had another thought … I’m kind of getting sick of facsimile signatures, too. I know this is a Bowman thing that started in the 40s and 50s, came back in the early and late 90s, but it’s really starting to look ugly. It’s almost like they’ve created the design AROUND the signature, which is crap.

    IMO, I think the facsimile signature might look cooler on the back; still part of the brand, but not the focus. With the bold borders and signatures, the photography looks cramped, ultimately making a cumbersome-looking product.

  9. I like the idea of putting the auto on the back. Maybe like a reverse of what they started in ’89: printed name on the front, auto in the name box on the back.

    I always like the almost complete lack of design in the early Topps Bowman releases, the card backs just sucked.

  10. First impression is not good. Too much dead area in the bottom corners. Like everyone else the white area still bothers me.

  11. I’m not too crazy about this design either. It looks like they just took last years design and combined in with one of the early 2000 Bowman Designs.

  12. It’s not okay. The design stinks, the auto checklist is pathetic (F.U.R.) the photography tired. What’s a prospector to do? No mas.

  13. I love them all. Very very nice. Very classy.

    I assume the prospects are going to have white or black borders and not red as shown in these pics. I assume that’s a red refractor or base red parallel. Because red borders on the prospect cards would be stupid – they’re always either black or white.

  14. Just broke a Box of Bowman Jumbo’s. What a bunch of CRAP. The refractors I got were all WBC Garbage. The 3 Autos were STINKERS. The one Blue Refractor Card I got was…. FU-TE NI. Are you KIDDING ME OR WHAT?? FU-TE NI from the WBC. WHY BOTHER MAKING SUCH A CARD??? MY 1/150 is FU-TE NI. Oh this is some box…. it gets worse, I get a blue 1/500 Lou Marson Rookie card with a BENT CONER and gash on the bottom of the card….. STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PACK!!! Real quality. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!! DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT, ITS A TOTAL RIP OFF!!!

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