Card of the Day – Arod in Purgatory

Last month, Alex Rodriguez was the King of Baseball. He played for the greatest team, put up the biggest numbers, and was destined to eliminate Barry Bonds from the #1 most-cherished sports record in the world.

Today, fans all over the country have turned their backs on Alex. Sure, he’s got his supporters but none of them will be able to save Rodriguez from public perception. It’s plain and simple: Alex cheated. He used Steroids during his M.V.P season, probably even longer than the three years he is willing to admit.

In an era where Steroids ran wild, he could have made the difference. His numbers could have proven to the young boys in little league, the young men in high school, and the young adults in the Minors that you can put up legendary numbers without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

All that is gone now and this season the spotlight will shine brightest on Arod. If he can’t handle the pressure of playing in the playoffs (.071 in 2006), how does he expect to play when the entire sports world is hanging on to each and every at-bat while secretly hoping he fails?

As for this 2007 Topps Turkey Red autograph, you can find it HERE.

As far as Rodriguez baseball cards are concerned, it’s one of the best-looking ones I have ever seen. Yes, it’s got one of those hated Topps stickers but I think in this case it was used well. I don’t think an on-card auto would have added much to the already perfect design element.

Alex Rodriguez playing baseball in an empty field as the sun goes down.

5 thoughts on “Card of the Day – Arod in Purgatory

  1. That is a nice card, But youre right about him and how he shows that you can do great without juice, too bad he had so many fans. Eh, Im a Met fan screw A-rod.

  2. WoW Mario, you certainly hate A-Rod. How can you call him a cheat when the substance he took wasn’t illegal, not a steroid, or even banned by MLB when he claimed to take it? I’m sure you’ve seen my posts concerning this matter. I was never a big fan of A-Rod’s, and still not, and felt he was guilty at first. However, after looking into the matter, I realize why the players say they weren’t aware they took steroids.

  3. ARod said he wasn’t exactly sure what he was taking. I call BS. He is a professional athlete. Those guys know exactly what is being put into their well-oiled machine of a body. I say – release the rest of the 2003 list so we know who else failed the test.

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