Upper Deck Series Two preview

Product Details:

Arrival date: May 2009

20 cards per pack, 16 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

470 regular cards, 30 team checklists

(1) INKredible or Team USA game-used jersey autograph per box on average

(2) UD Game Materials or USA game-used jersey cards per box on average

*1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter signed buybacks!

15 thoughts on “Upper Deck Series Two preview

  1. And the pillage of old Topps/OPC designs continues…..are the 77’s going to be a parallel insert like the 71’s for OPC?

  2. I’d love one of those 93 Jeter buybacks, but after seeing what the Griffey buyback is going for on eBay, I know it will never be anything more than a piece of cardboard I lust over.

  3. Dear Upper Deck, your lack of creativity….bland jersey swatches….heisting of Topps designs….and overall waste of trees is really played out.

  4. Not surprised that Topps may not have done their due diligence to figure out that venerable OPC designs are also basically those of their mainline Topps. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing–it could be seen positively from either direction. UD can used vintage designs ‘against” Topps, and Topps could respond with, “the best you could do is retread our designs from over thirty years ago?”

    I tend to look at it the second way personally. Rather than a “woo, thumb in the eye” of Topps, I see it as, “Wow. UD. Highly uncreative, dull, and confusing, especially given UD’s historical misplaced arrogance of we-know-best.”

    I’m also in total agreement with JBob. Enough with the generally lame, sometimes accidentally cryptic die cut letters on memorabilia windows. Another decent, if not great, idea beat to death to the point of valuelessness–at least three years ago.

  5. At least the 77 OPC cards seem to be closer to the actual design. I think Upper Deck is being a little foolish, though. They’ve already used 1975 & 1971, and now they’re burning another one. What’s going to be left for next year?

    I also wish that Topps & Upper Deck would stop making random die-cut windows on their relic cards. “KG-M” ? Yeah, that’s something I want to see. 😦

  6. If this would come out a lot cheaper, I’d like it. KG-M are the identifying letters that belong on the back, not GU windows.

  7. Wow, really nice Ichiro. I wish UD would just remove the Team “high school” USA cards. UD flagship inserts is so weak this year with the exception of the relatively decent OPC (especially Series 2). Predictors? Historic Firsts? And now UD is retrenching ppl. Maybe if they used their brains and aim for a large market, lower margins pdt they would actually have more customers.

  8. And even thoug this pruduct is not getting good reviews I’m liking the griffey card ( only cuz I’m in search of a decent auto or patch or both. Grant

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