Cardboard Wars – David Price

In today’s Hobby scene, you’re no one until you have a Bowman Chrome rookie autograph. For Devil Rays phenom and 2009 Rookie of the Year candidate, David Price, his 2007 Bowman Chrome does not have one. Despite the lack of a certified signature, the Bowman and its parallels are considered his best cards by collectors.

Meanwhile, Bowman Sterling, Donruss, and a few other brands managed to get David’s autograph but still almost always play second fiddle to the Bowman Chrome. So if you had the money, which David Price rookie card would make it into your collection?

Would you choose the popular 2007 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #’d to 50? Or would you take the less traveled path with a 2007 Bowman Sterling Black Refractor autograph #’d to 25 copies? The last Gold Refractor sold for $375 while the Black Refractor is on sale for $450 dollars.

So, who wins this edition of Cardboard Wars?

13 thoughts on “Cardboard Wars – David Price

  1. “In today’s Hobby scene, you’re no one until you have a Bowman Chrome rookie autograph.”

    I wish that someone had told that to Tim Beckham before he signed his contract with Razor.

    As for the Price cards, I’d unquestionably take the autographed Sterling card. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would pay $375 for a non-autographed Price rookie card. Maybe that person just really hates having money…

  2. Have to go with the Sterling. Always like the balck chrome cards, like to 2005 Topps chrome updates.

  3. Auto aside, honestly it’s a toss up for me. I like the design on the Sterling better, but the photo is pretty bad and makes Price look like the son of the Penguin or something. There are much better pics of him out there, so I’ve got no idea why Topps recycled this one across their different brands. The Sterling dual autos are just cropped versions of this shot, but on the Chrome Longoria/Price auto the Price pic is pretty sweet.

    Stepping beyond these two (I know it’s against the rules), the 2005 USA Baseball auto lacks in design, but the photo is a LITTLE better. Moreover, the USA Baseball graphs go for a lot less than the other autos. In some sense it’s a better product at a better price.

    I’m stoked to lay my hands on the 2009 Topps: better photo, better design, etc.

  4. Eh, minor league cards, none of the above and especially not for prices above many hall of famers.

  5. I like the Sterling better. For the auto. And I’m a sucker for black. I think it looks better than the gold that you see everywhere.

  6. Sterling hands down. Black is cool. Poor selection of photo though although thats a nonfactor in this cardboard war

  7. gota go with the auto
    I don’t know how a non autographed card could go for as much as that Bowman did.

  8. I don’t want either. I’m sick of seeing David Price *everywhere*. I’ve bought about 4 packs of Topps, and I think I have 3 Price cards. It’s ridiculous.

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