It pays to marry the boss’s daughter

In Triple H’s Wrestlemania debut long ago, he survived just 90 seconds against an over the hill, past his prime Ultimate Warrior. Just 13 years later, Hunter Hearst Helmsley is now a 13-time champion thanks to a victory at WWE’s No Way Out last night.

As great as “The Game” has been for wrestling, really, how many more times will WWE give this man the belt? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that Helmsley is married and has two children with Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie?

If you want to celebrate Triple H’s 13th championship reign check out this 2002 Fleer WWE All Access rare certified autograph currently up on eBay. You can find dozens of Triple H memorabilia cards on eBay but his autograph is extremely rare and this Fleer on-card autograph is currently the only trading card certified auto up for auction at this time.



  1. A great website with all kinds of funny wrestling features and a really good messageboard is

  2. HHH was a main event wrestler before he married into the family. I agree that he gets an easier time now and it’s very likely that he gets preferential treatment because of his wife, but don’t take away from the fact that he was the headliner of DX for many years.

    My prediction is that HHH will have more title reigns than Ric Flair. Does he deserve that??? I don’t think he is better than Flair, but he did carry WWE when Rocky and Austin left…

  3. I think they did that just to have the stars align for Orton to win HHH’s title at Wrestlemania. They’re really trying to make Orton and his stable big and I dunno, it just doesn’t have that feel. At least for me it doesn’t.

  4. I’ll never understand wrestling “autographs”. Unless the wrestler’s real name is signed, this is no different than getting Mickey Mouse’s autograph at Disney World…

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