Even the card companies hate Florida!

How else can you explain both Upper Deck & Topps making one error after another when it comes to their Marlins cards? Below you will find three of the most recognized Marlins error cards known in the Hobby. If there are any more that you can think of, please let me know.

2008 Upper Deck SPx – Dan Uggla (photo: Mike Jacobs)

Surely someone at Upper Deck can tell the difference between Mike Jacobs and Dan Uggla, right? The scary part is that there is a version of this card that features a piece of game-used memorabilia.

So if Upper Deck could make an easy mistake like using the wrong photo what is to say they won’t screw up your relic as well? Suddenly that Albert Pujols game-used bat doesn’t look so amazing when it could actually be a piece of Joe Mauer’s leftover lumber, does it?

2006 Topps ’52 Rookie Cup Edition – Hanley Ramirez (photo: Carlos Martinez)

I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking: all Dominicans look alike.

OK, that’s just wrong but I can sort of understand how Topps might mistake one young Marlins prospect with another. Have you ever been to Jupiter, Florida, home of the Marlins Single-A affiliate, Hammerheads? I have and I can tell you it’s filled with young, skinny, Latin guys trying to make it to The Show.

Still, Carlos M. Martinez looks nothing like Hanley. Not even close.

2001 Bowman – Miguel Cabrera (photo: Manny Esquivia)

Here we have a legendary release and what will likely be one of the game’s future 500+ home run hitters, Miguel Cabrera. The only problem is that Manuel Esquivia is actually featured on his card. Here you can see a photo of Manny from 2005.

Unfortunately, Manny’s Minor League Stats end in 2004 despite a somewhat impressive winning record of 28-15.

8 thoughts on “Even the card companies hate Florida!

  1. The card companies don’t hate all of Florida – just south Florida. They like Tampa Bay, as evidenced by the preponderance of Longoria and Price cards that are coming out.

  2. I always wondered what was up with that 2001 Bowman card. For a while I thought there might be another Miguel Cabrera in the Marlins organization and that’s why the card looked nothing like Miggy.

  3. I think it probably has more to do with general carelessness and that fact that both companies have a great deal of employee turnover. Let’s face it…neither of them are known for being particularly well-managed companies.

  4. That’s just wrong…. I’m glad you included that line but that’s true about baseball camps. Here we have baseball city and a bunch of “Baseball Academies” and it’s hard to tell who’s who unless you’re a family member or a crazy prospector.

  5. How easily you forget:

    and how about:

    I can’t think of a year when Topps has not screwed up at least two Reds cards. So bask in all of your Marlins non mess ups and enjoy the fact you can afford to actualy make a team set.

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