2009 Topps box break & Directory news

Here is the full-length box break of 2009 Topps. If you are currently in the Wax Heaven Directory and your player was pulled you can claim your card/s by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope or a bubble mailer. If your package has postage I will then put the card in a penny sleeve and top loader and send it to you A.S.A.P.

Finally, for those who want to enter the Directory please leave a comment with your name and what one player you’d like to choose. If added to the Directory, you will be eligible for free cards in the next sponsored box break. To receive your free cards you must be able to cover postage. I’d like to be able to help but at this time I cannot.

I am expecting a package from Upper Deck this coming week.

Published by Mario A.

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47 thoughts on “2009 Topps box break & Directory news

  1. I know I only asked for Twins rookies, but could I nab that Morneau Topps Town?

  2. Mario – I asked this before, but I don’t think you answered – is it OK to just Paypal you for the postage?

  3. Hi Mario,

    Since most of my preferences are already taken for the most part (Giants, Athletics, etc.), here’s what I’d be happy to accept beyond that:
    –Any Mariners not spoken for
    –Tom Seaver (if they ever come up)

    Thank you!

  4. Do you think Topps tried to ‘Beckett’ you? For a lower end product, you had some great pulls. You pulled a WBC redemption, 1/1 sketch card, and a Pujols relic. Your non over the top reaction was great.

  5. Greg, no idea what player. I redeemed the card and all it said is that it would arrive at the end of May, approximately.

  6. Mario, could I get any Jason Motte. He went to Iona, where i went also. Not too many guys from Iona in the majors. Also, if i could get any Kevin Pucetas. Both guys do not have many cards. Thanks. CalicoKid.

  7. I’ll take Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun, if that’s taken then Kobe Bryant, then Lebron James, Ben Roethlisberger, and then OJ Mayo. Then maybe Brandon Wood.

  8. Mario,

    Yeah, man, I’d love to take any unclaimed Twins inserts you’ve got free if you don’t mind.


  9. Mario,

    Not sure if you got that Miller yet since I mailed it out a little later than I had planned. Hopefully it arrives by Monday at the latest.

    Could you add me to the directory for David Ortiz?


  10. Hey Mario – Can you put me down for John Smoltz & / or Greg Maddux? Thanks, Gavin

  11. So you’re the guy who stole my Mortal Combat soundtrack cd in 97! I knew I would find it!
    If you have not tossed the wrappers save one of each for me.
    And wear protective gloves while opening all packs. I like my free stuff in primo condition. Not smudged.

  12. ill sign up for try tulowitzki cards you got, or russel martin if hes taken, or troy glaus, or jeff mathis or mike napoli. just one of those if u have any unwanted ones. if u want em, thats a different story! but if u dont care to much about em, ill send u a package maybe u could give me a couple cards of one of those players. thank mario and again, great blogging job!

  13. ‘Hi Mario, I haven’t seen the whole break but I’d really appreciate any astros’ cards. Thanks.

  14. If possible, can you put me down for any David Wright cards? Thanks Mario!

  15. i saw someone already had miguel cabrera. can i just have any tigers that aren’t already on someones list? thanks mario.

  16. Thanks for the opportunity here, Mario. As you know, I’m a big Omar Vizquel fan. I am a big Jim Thome fan, too, but given the choice, I’d take Omar.

  17. Hey Mario!

    Nice job!!! Can you ad me to the directory for any future retired Detroit Tigers or Tony Gwynn cards…..thanks!

  18. Mario…..

    Could you add me to your directory for any Ty Cobb, Roberto Clemente cards or any Tigers that are available (Guillen, Polanco, etc)

    Thanks!! Your blog is AWESOME!!

  19. Hey Mario
    I saw someone looking for Pelfrey’s, I thought I was already on the directory for all current Mets. I know someone had legend Mets. Let me know…I will be sending you an envelope tuesday in the mail….thanks again for doing this!

  20. Mario,
    Quick question. I saw that someone had all David Wright cards. How does that work if I had peviously requested all current Mets? LMK.

  21. Mario,

    This was the first box break I’ve witnessed online. Nice job. Did you get carpal tunnel?

  22. Please put me down for any Brandon Webb cards you get. Please e-mail for address. 🙂


  23. If it’s just one player, then I’m going to go for Hunter Pence.

  24. Hey Mario, I’d love Chien Ming Wang if he is not spoken for.
    Thanks a mil!

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