Official Baseball Card of the Steroid Era

Take a look at this rare 2004 Topps ‘Two of a Kind’ dual autograph of Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco. This card has only hit eBay twice in the last 12 months and one time sold for over $300 dollars.

This Topps baseball card just might be the best representation of two known cheaters’ autographs on a single card. On the top you have the man who would “save baseball” from the clutches of Barry Bonds’ single and career home run records.

At the bottom, you have the former M.V.P slugger who was most responsible for bringing Steroids into the game of baseball and introducing it to players like Rafael Palmeiro, Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire… all guys with over 500 career home runs who should never enter the Hall of Fame.

I predict this card sells for $500 or more next time it hits eBay.


14 thoughts on “Official Baseball Card of the Steroid Era

  1. eh….why would anyone fork out more money now that A-rod is on the bandwagon? I thought this one should drop in price instead. Lol. I do like the words on the card “two of a kind”….indeed.

  2. As I said on another blog – the whole steroids thing is one of the many examples of why Baseball sucks.

    Now in Australia, when the country’s leading, most popular and recognisable cricketer (for the Republicans out there, cricket is a sport often compared to baseball, only it is interesting to watch in small quantities, as opposed to baseball which is never interesting to watch) was caught taking a weight loss pill with a diuretic in it, he was suspended for a year. And he was suspended during the World Cup, which is the the most popular (and arguably) most important cricket tournament.

    I await your Australian bashing and comments on how nobody cares/follows Cricket, even though it is much more played throughout the world than boreball – 1.5 billion people in the sub-continent can’t be wrong! (well they can be, but aren’t in this case)

  3. Well….in terms of level of popularity of cricket, you have England’s past colonization adventures to thank for. I know cause I’m from Singapore and there is no baseball(not even on TV) over here. I wouldn’t exactly bash Australia cause I think its a hell lot better than Singapore but I do have to disagree that baseball despite its multiple breaks between innings and all that is still more interesting to watch than cricket. Its not unnatural for countries to emphasize more prominently the sports that they are good at especially in their local media. Europe and South America countries are going to have soccer, Australia is good in cricket, rugby and so on.
    I think at the end of the day, just because baseball is run by questionable leadership does not equate it to being a boring sport. It simply means the sport needs to clean itself up which it is in the process of doing so and a change of leadership should be on hand.

  4. yes, baseball sucks and Cricket rules, if you want proof just look at all the “Cricket themed” blogs out there: Cricket fantasy blogs, Cricket card collecting blogs, all those general “Cricket opinion piece” blogs etc. etc.

  5. Madyankees, I think the NFL is far superior to Rugby League, Rugby Union and the abomination that is Australian Rules Football (along with Baseball as much fun as having your teeth removed with rusty pliers by a blind builder), so I don’t naturally emphasize more prominently with the sports Australia is good at. Basball (in my humble opinion. Well, maybe not so humble opinion) just sucks big time. I mean banging your head against a brick wall is better than watching a game of baseball – it is more fun for starters and causes much less brain damage (not that this is a problem for most baseball fans. Sorry, couldn’t resist). You are right at about England’s colonisation (the English way of spelling the word) though – pity they are so crap at every sport they invent. They were just smashed by the West Indies. Then again, the Australian cricket team haven’t been doing too well lately, which is good as they were too cocky and full of themselves.

    Tom, I always found fantasy sports a sign that a sport is boring. I mean, if you found the sport interesting, why the need to create these “leagues” to spice things up? As for blogs they can be good or bad – just because there are a number of blogs that promote the superiority of certain races, that doesn’t mean that what is in them is a good thing, does it? And there are a number of cricket websites out there. If you could speak any of the languages from the sub-continent, you would find hundreds and thousands of them, as you can in english in Australia, England and other countries. Besides I didn’t say cricket rules, I said “it is interesting to watch in small quantities”

    Anyway, enough of my overt baseball bashing for the day – my frustrating day is almost at end.

  6. “should never enter the Hall of Fame”?

    Take Gaylord Perry out of the HOF and then come talk to me.

  7. No need to bash baseball, if you don’t like don’t watch it. This is, however, a good reason to bash MLB and in particular, Mud Selig.

  8. Mario- Getting back on topic…

    I know you predict the A-Rod/Canseco card to increase dramatically in value, but seeing as this is really a one-off, how do you think it will affect the value of cards/merchandise for each player individually? Will A-Rod’s stuff fall off dramatically after the PED revelations, Canseco become increasingly popular, or something else?

    Always interested in your opinion. Thanks!

  9. If you watch a baseball game and don’t fully understand what’s going on or care about who wins then yes, it can be boring. Lots of football (real football not NFL) supporter say exactly the same thing about cricket. Baseball is a great game and I say that as an English cricket supporter.


    If you prefer NFL to Rugby Union, there is no hope for you.


    Perhaps it will take time for people to forget A-Rod’s “mistake” but New York loves winners and the way he and the Yanks are playing at the moment people’s memories are likely to get very short very quickly. The way the Yanks have cruised to their rightful place at the top of the AL with 10 over .500 since A-Rod came off the DL is impressive. It’s looking good for October baseball in NY.

  10. to those arguing about cricket and baseball, I must agree cricket is more superior. The ONLY reason people hear 1 or 2 things about baseball is because US plays it. No country, even US, has its most popular sports as baseball. Cricket popular sport in 20 countries and 2/3rd most popular sports in 50+ countries if im not wrong.

    we hear only about us baseballer, and there is no proof of baseball outside US. Cricket might not be called global, but at least there are many countries in which it at least plays.

    where I live, baseball is not even born. It has no fans, no one knows or even care about baseballers…in fact, no one even THINKS about playing it.

    Cricket, football, rugby, basketball, hockey and tennis….all are more popular than baseball…wihch is not even played internationally

    It sux big time, tbh, no wonder it has 1000 of ghost nations. no international matches and of course no world cup. Baseball is just a us sport, it will give in to real football, soccer as many know, and 20-20 cricket in few years, MMW.

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