Wax Heaven Updates

I arrived home last night at 7 P.M with a surprise package from GCRL. Inside, I found a 2009 Upper Deck Andrew Miller card I have wanted since the moment I saw a scan of it on Cardboard Junkie. While Dayf offered to send it along I figured sooner or later I would be busting ’09 Upper Deck and I’d pull it myself.

Well, I have not busted a box yet so this card was very high on my “must-have” list. Say what you will, this card is just phenomenal and kills the ’09 Topps version. Along with an ’08 Topps Allen & Ginter in-person autograph, I am now up to 113 different Andrew Miller cards.

Later this week I will be posting my stash of Andrew Miller in-person autographs I have managed to build up since 2008. You will walk away from it either thinking that Andrew is one heck of a great guy or that I am a greedy, greedy collector. Truth be told, I could have easily 30 Miller autographs by now but for the most part I only collect them during Fan Fests and special events.

Oh, in case anyone is interested…. Tatiana is officially back to blogging.



  1. That’s cool both releases of your boy are good action shots. I don’t think it’s better than the Topps though, I like cards where the pitcher looks like he’s throwing it at you.

  2. I haven’t seen either the Topps card or UD card in my hands so I can’t make a fair assessment. All I know is that stupid gold-brown bar is taking my eyes off the photo.

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